Bernanke’s “nightmare scenario” inches closer

The House has at long last passed the Ron Paul Audit the Fed bill. Hallelujah! Will Harry Reid play ball? We’ll see. Fed Chair Bernanke is not excited.

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke doesn’t like the prospect of such a broad audit, calling it a “nightmare scenario” last week and saying it will lead to politicians second-guessing his decisions

One can only hope. Here is the article from the Washington Times –

4 thoughts on “Bernanke’s “nightmare scenario” inches closer”

  1. I will be very surprised if Harry lets this go to a vote. My guess is too many of our boys and girls in Washington are afraid of the Fed and what they might learn. They think banking is some how some mysterious world where normal folks could never understand and they could accidently cause serious financial problems if they interfered. Of course, that is exactly what the bankers want people to think. The Fed exist to protect bankers from their own foolishness and from the public (us).

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