Obama speaks the truth

Can’t argue with the man. Now the right will be quick to pounce on this as a gaffe. You know, if you can’t do the job then step aside rhetoric. But it’s just that type of naiveté that is frustrating to those who are really fed up with Washington and want real change. The fact is that the establishment infiltrates all of the beltway regardless of party lines. Of course, the type of change Obama speaks of is different from what I would want. His agenda is for fundamental change to alter America’s world standing and achieve the progressive agenda for equality and sustainability. That’s a debate for another day.

I only wish to point out that regardless of the election outcome, the establishment will still reign supreme. If the people of America are truly tired of beltway politics, than they had better acknowledge the obvious and be realistic with your expectations. Does that mean I don’t care who wins? No, I’ll still side with the thinking that Obama must go no matter who he is running against. But my expectations for a Romney administration are non-existent.

I am not an anarchist. Nor should any Christian be since the Bible teaches of the need for a government. Again, that’s another post. I do fully support severely checking the Federal Government down to size and returning the balance of decision-making to state and local governments where the people have a more realistic input. Obama was right when he stated that no one will change the status quo from within. At least not to the extent we need to save this country. Anyone who truly believes we have come to the state we are in this country on a partisan basis is a fool. Is it any more rational to see us changing course now with the same players in charge?

I know full well those types of comments piss off those of you partisans who see the other side as the source of what ails us. So be it. America’s salvation lies in your epiphany. Until you come to that realization that the standard fare of hoping for your majorities amongst the branches of government will decide the course of the country, nothing will change. The problem isn’t the balance of power among the three branches, it’s the balance heavily tilted toward a Federal behemoth with a statist mentality. Centralized power. It ensures that those of us not part of the elite will merely continue to squabble amongst ourselves about who to blame while we stay firmly entrenched right where we are.


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  1. Ah, my friend. The reasom I no longer go where you are going is for the reason you point out. Americans as a whole, including most who call themselves conservatives, are not willing to go that far. So I nudge and imply that we need to go just a little bit further than their comfort zone. I am going to do it again tomorrow. Most conservatives talk the talk but aren’t willing to walk the walk.

    I really do not believe that America, crisis or no crisis, will ever get back to the constitutional government our Founders intended, let alone beyond that to something you would prefer. Americans are too accustumed to the federal government providing services they are ill equipt to do. That doen’t mean we can’t do a lot better than we have in the last two or three decades. We can do better. But even that is going to be a long slow process and the intial steps will have to be painful.

    I look at photos of my great grandchildren and that is the only hope I have for them.

    Stay well, my friend.


  2. Where to start…

    I know there are many more with your sentiments, my friend. Bloggers, generally on the right, who don’t ‘rock the boat’ if you will. Fact is, you will lose readers if you do. The ‘safe’ path is to stick to red meat and you’ll have lots of followers and commenters. I never got into blogging for those reasons, so I have no need to toe the line. As you know, I simply drop out from posting from time to time when other things take precedence and that’s the way I like it. If blog traffic dies, you’ll notice you’re essentially the only commenter I have, that doesn’t concern me.

    I also hold no ill will for those who don’t see it that way.

    What does concern me is the country and as you illustrated, the future for my kids and grandkids. I don’t see any long, slow path to recovery. The things we need to do don’t allow for it. Eliminating entitlement mentality and the acceptance of Government as central in virtually all facets of our life? Voluntary austerity? Involuntarily forcing the FedGov to acquiesce to a structure favoring the people? These are sea changes that can only come about through some trigger event.

    Since you no longer live here, I wonder if you have seen the dramatic generational change take place. I know you’re aware of it by reading, but it is really is breathtaking to see the scope of it. I talk to a wide variety of people in my line of work through a significant geographical area, yet it is a common theme. Our youth everywhere are enamored with entitlements. They see it as a right. They have no interest in paying their dues and working their way to the top. First day on the job, they want to be the boss. Discipline them and they readily quit. Tardiness. Absenteeism.

    I could go on and on and turn this into a post, but you get the point. It’s more entrenched than you can imagine. Yet these are the people tasked with enacting the change we seek. And they are already saddled with inconceivable debt.

    Sorry to drone on Jim. I hope you’re right.

  3. America’s salvation lies in [the People’s] epiphany.

    You are absolutely correct. Rearranging the deck chairs will accomplish nothing. The ship will go down regardless. Every single time. Until enough Americans wake-up to the inherent danger of sailing a Titanic, nothing will ever change … and we will sink.

    the Bible teaches of the need for a government

    That’s a matter of theological interpretation. If states are so important, one has to wonder, why did they belong to Satan to tempt Jesus with? Why did the Israelites live without one? And why, after the Israelites demanded a state, did God declare it a rejection of Him? Things that make you go hmmmm …

  4. You are right, 5e, that bloggers like me don’t want to lose their commentors. Most, if not all, of my internet friends have lives apart from their blogs. I am not an invalid; but I don’t get out much anymore. When my wife makes go out fro walks with her, it is at night (can’t take the sun anymore) I need a cane to walk and I need her to guide me because I can’t see shit at night. So, my blog is a big part of my life and it is commentors that keep me going. However, If I believed there was a chance in the future of getting to where you would like to go, I would fill my blog with those arguments and look for other like minded bloggers to maintain some comments coming.

    It is also true that I am out of tough with America today. It saddens me to hear your report on our youth today. However, in my day, there were many young people who latched onto communism and socialism; but most after having a job and a family. they changed their tunes. We didn’t have any of those types at Michigan Tech; but there were plenty at Michigan State and University of Michigan and at Central Michigan University.

    Now to the crux of the issue. You said “These are sea changes that can only come about through some trigger event.” Now, if i am reading too much into your words, then what follows is a waste of my time.

    I assume those words meant that you believe that in some future point in time there will be some crisis that will result in a total breakdown in civil order. Those in power, be they “R” or “D” will decare martial law and do their best to reestablish order by maintaing their big central government in power. And, patriotic freedom lovvers will take up an armed resistance and eventually after the spilling of much blood and treasur they will some how prevail and establish the kind of government we dream of.

    I once fantasized that something like that might happen some day. But, after thinking about it seriously, I realized that it was just a fantasy. With the arms that civilians have access to, the resistance would be no match for spy satilites, the ability to intercept e-mals and cellphone calls, and with drones and camaras connected to computers with facial recognition programs, and with smart bombs and smart missiles and fighter jets, and much more.

    So, I guess as nessy and slow as it will be, I don’t agree that Obama was right. Change from within is our only chance.

    That is how I see it, my friend, for better or for worse.

  5. I’m sure you read the next sentence as well.

    Nor should any Christian be since the Bible teaches of the need for a government. Again, that’s another post

    Had to put the disclaimer in to keep this post short.

    Until enough Americans wake-up to the inherent danger of sailing a Titanic, nothing will ever change … and we will sink.

    Is it “enough” or is it the “right” ones? Seems we have no shortage of followers in this country so maybe that magic number is even less than I would speculate.

  6. Jim,

    As I said, I have no ill will. Everyone blogs for a variety of reasons, I hardly expect that all need to adhere to my reasoning. Lord knows if they did, far less would be doing it and that’s not in any way good. I enjoy reading your blog as do many others, so don’t let my whim’s influence what you do. As an option, you could do as many do and maintain a second blog under a pseudonym if you want to vent a little more outside the box.

    there will be some crisis that will result in a total breakdown in civil order

    I don’t know. Perhaps it would be a 9/11 type event that the country would rally around. I would doubt it since our coming together as a country was fleeting and the partisan/ideological divides soon returned. I suppose I hope for a way that would see the Tenth Amendment movement catch fire. If politicians have a weakness, it’s job security so perhaps enough public pressure would allow some changes in that direction that would eventually snowball.

    I’ll always hold out hope that I’m wrong and you’re right and that we can gradually turn it around. However, the reason I don’t trust that is we the people. Too trusting. Too easily suckered. Too many that believe things will just work out. Obama 2008 was a clear example. If we’re willing to latch onto something as flimsy as ‘hope and change’, that means emotion is winning out against clear thinking.

    I’m sure you’ve read all the quotes from the Founders that predicted this. We’ve found out that we can vote ourselves money and safety is trumping liberty. Human nature hasn’t changed since the Founder’s recognized our shortfalls, so I see no reason to believe we’ll somehow rise above it all now.

    I’m willing to listen. If you can lay out how the establishment will be defeated from within taking into account our weak human nature as well, I’ll buy. It sure as hell won’t be Romney to do it though. The other factor is time. It’s ticking fast so I don’t see where we have the luxury of a long, slow grassroots revolution.

    Take care, my friend.

  7. I am just now finding this post and the ongoing conversation. I’m sorry, 5etester. I thought you had stopped writing.

    I agree with much of what you have written. I still hold out a little hope, but not much. In the past few days, I have watched some of the President’s supporters and heard some of the reasons they give for supporting him. It makes me question if Romney has a chance of defeating him. Their attitude is one of the biggest reasons why I am beginning to doubt our chances in November.

    Going past that, I wonder if that same attitude will not also be the downfall of our nation. In fact, it may already be in the process of causing it. So many Americans think of nothing else, except about what they can get from the government. The government has conditioned them to be that way and they show no signs of not staying true to form. Until this attitude changes and many more Americans realize the shape our country is in, nothing will change.

    Just so I am clear, when I say the government has conditioned Americans to be dependent on them, I mean Democrats and Republicans. Both political parties are guilty of this.

    Keep writing, my friend. I truly enjoy reading what you have to say.

  8. Hey Larry, good to hear from you. I disappear from time to time. You know, work and life demands.

    Like you, I see government as the enabler yet the bigger problem is we the people. We can look to history to measure our resiliency. The 30’s with the Great Depression, the dustbowl, over 20% unemployment probably seemed every bit as daunting as today yet we recovered and flourished. Yet we allowed ourselves to get where we are today and now we are saddled with the massive debt and unfunded entitlements. At some point, any recovery is out of our hands. Maybe we’re already there.

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