7.8% Sept. 2012 unemployment number “magically” dips below 8% right on schedule

Is anyone surprised? Anyone? Of course we knew the unemployment rate would be below 8% just prior to the election. I said it in this post last December – https://spellchek.wordpress.com/2011/12/03/whats-the-easiest-way-to-reduce-unemployment-stop-counting-people/

At any rate here is the story just released –http://finance.yahoo.com/news/us-jobless-rate-falls-7-123110416.html

And here is the link to the official Bureau of Labor Statistics report for Sept. 2012 – http://www.bls.gov/news.release/empsit.a.htm

There you’ll see that an additional 873,000 people were employed in September compared to August. That’s the highest one month jump in 29 years! Wow! A nearly three decade high just prior to an election! What you’ll find is a slew of contradictory numbers including a ‘surprising’ drop of those not in the labor force of 211,000 reversing an increase of 581,000 just one month prior.

What to make of it? Has the economy magically boomed since last month to get Obama his coveted sub 8% unemployment number just in time? I’m not buying.

7 thoughts on “7.8% Sept. 2012 unemployment number “magically” dips below 8% right on schedule”

  1. Surprise, surprise! My opinion is this obvious manipulation of data will blow up in Obama’s face. The ignorance of the American voter is not to be underestimated. However, too many Americans are hurting or know friends or family members who are hurting. I don’t believe they are going to huy this bull shit right before the election. I hope I am right!

  2. You aren’t the only one who isn’t buying this sudden drop in the unemployment rate. The numbers are clearly being manipulated to make things look better.

    On a related note, I still marvel that anyone could say we are experiencing an economic recovery. No matter what the numbers say, things are still very tough out in the real economy and I see no signs of improvement. Prices are still high, wages are still down, and gasoline is still double the price it was when Obama took office. If this is a recovery, I would hate to see what a recession looks like.

  3. It’s been interesting to see the extent of mistrust of these numbers across the board. It’s even too much for the left to buy in to.

  4. That’s what seems to get lost in the debate over these monthly reports is the quality of the jobs. Even if you drink the kool-aid and buy the numbers, you can’t dispute the fact that these aren’t good jobs. However, it will still suffice as a boost for Obama. Next month will see him benefit even more from the temp hires for the holidays.

    I would hate to see what a recession looks like

    Some, like Mike Shedlock, say we’re already there again.

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