Woman has solution to decrease car/deer collisions

Some initial thoughts after viewing

  • This woman has an equal vote that offsets yours.
  • This woman is capable of reproduction.
  • This woman is a product of the U.S. education system.

The deer have tried and failed three times to put this woman out of her misery to no avail.

What the hell chance is there for the rest of us?


5 thoughts on “Woman has solution to decrease car/deer collisions”

  1. It tool a while but the convulsions have stopped and my sides no longer hurt. I would only add to your list that this woman can run for public office. The video explains so much about the “why” of our political plight . It applies here, also.

  2. My God, that woman is ignorant. She really believes the deer are crossing the road because the signs are there.

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