Simply can’t do a comedy roast of politicians without including the best ever. In memory of Steve Bridges who passed this year.


2 thoughts on “Election got you stressed out? Relief is here!

  1. I admit to being anxious about the election. I am desperate to know if America is truty lost or only nearly lost. But, what really has me stressed is this Benghazi fiasco. I can’t describe the outrage i am feeling. I can’t shake it.

  2. The media and pollsters were way off in the Wisconsin Governor recall election. They oversample democrats in their polls. Even both the Romney and Obama camps want to show a tight, down to the wire election so they can keep the donations rolling in until the last minute. The undecideds swing to the challenger just as they did for Obama in 2008. I still see a Romney win relatively easily.

    Let’s just hope that once Obama is a lame duck, he won’t need to be protected any longer and we’ll get the investigation that Benghazi warrants.

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