Obama wins re-election – who lost? Hint, it wasn’t Romney

Sorry kids! Our generation has decided to screw your generation!

America has made its choice. It will go down the road of Greece and Spain. It prefers big government over liberty. The Founders warned us way back then that faced with a choice, people prefer security over opportunity. However, that comes with a heavy price. The re-election of Barack Obama is not a mandate. It is not a rejection of the Republican party. It is a submission of the American spirit. This may go down in the annals of history as the saddest day in America’s heritage.

Posterity will allow future Americans to reflect back and ask why? Why would we give up without a fight? The answer to that is this has been many years in the making. The creep of collectivism is not instituted over a short time. It’s ingrained through our education system. It’s infiltrated our family values through a decay of morals and ethics. President Obama is the benefactor of being the right candidate at the right time in order to capitalize on a vulnerable society.

He will now spend the next four years completing the fundamental transformation of America into a multi-cultural divide. The middle class will continue its journey into extinction. America will further fall behind the rest of the world in education, in technology, in science. Our business climate will further handicap our global competitiveness. The opportunity we have to remove our reliance upon foreign energy will disappear under the stifling e.p.a. regulations.

Your wages and value of the dollar will continue to decrease. The debt will continue to massively increase under the Obama baseline budgeting designed to continue to grow government at the expense of the private sector.

You have your answer if you wondered if America had the stomach to take on its fiscal problems. It’s a resounding no! No austerity. We won’t even take the first steps in eliminating dependency. I criticized the GOP as well as the Tea Party after their perceived mandate in the 2010 mid-terms in rejecting the big government expansion after they failed to follow through with any substantive action. Turns out the elected officials really are a reflection of the electorate. That’s the lesson from the Obama re-election. America has no interest in saving itself.

3 thoughts on “Obama wins re-election – who lost? Hint, it wasn’t Romney”

  1. yep. I can’t add or detract a thing from your post. we’re pretty much screwed, as a nation. here’s to taking care of ourselves and our families, no matter what it takes.

  2. I assume you don’t expect an argument from me. I am sick about what happened. I am ashamed to say that this took me by surprise. I was convinced that the American voters would show barack Obama the door. Goes to show how out of touch I am. History will not, nor should it, treat our generation kindly. We were given a Republic and we couldn’t keep it. This signals not only the decline of America; but of western civilization, in my opinion.

    To tell you the truth, I am already tired of talking about yesterday’s election results. I will welcome the chance to respomd to your e-mail later today. I need to put my mind on something else.

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