The day after

Now that the sting has had a chance to wear off a bit from yet another disastrous election for conservative/libertarians, what happens now? No doubt you’ve seen such disgust from bloggers over the election results, many are unsure if they want to continue on. Some have threatened to not vote again. Let’s clear a path through the fog of disappointment.

Bloggers on the right will not stop blogging or voting. They can’t. They have no choice. Why? That’s one of the core differences between a conservative and a liberal. Conservatives stand on principle. Liberals base their thought process on feelings and thus are susceptible to whichever way the global warming winds are blowing. Principle will rise above it all and not allow you to sit back and continue to see your liberty stripped away.

Conservatives haven’t had a dog in the hunt since Reagan (who was only arguably a conservative). Romney was never more than the lesser of two evils. What chance did he have anyway when Obama gets to total up the electoral votes from all 57 states he’s been to? There’s no doubt that it’s discouraging when 60 million Americans actively vote to surrender their liberty. We just faced this not long ago with the Clinton re-election. Electing a socialist is one thing. Watching them re-elected with a track record for voters to see is just devastating.

I’ll give you another reason why true conservative/libertarians must fight on. We owe it to all those that fought to give us our liberty in this country. I saw this sign at a restaurant the other day.

As a veteran myself, I appreciate the thanks. Even more, I accept the responsibility that those of us who stand on principle for what is right in this country must fight on despite any setbacks. Those 4 Americans who died in Benghazi while their Commander-in-Chief did nothing deserve it. The war on terrorism will never end. Neither will the war on liberty. Now is the time to redouble your efforts, not accept the narrative of compromise and altering core beliefs to be politically correct.

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  1. Unfortunately, I can not read what the sign says. Cloud you please tell me? From yout comment I get the gist of what it must say. You are so right, my friend. We who love what this country once stood for, we who love freedom have no choice but to continue the fight.

  2. Absolutely. In what is obviously a child’s writing, it says “Thanks for risking your life to keep us safe!”. Underneath is an American flag. That was at an Applebee’s restaurant which does a great job supporting our veterans.

  3. You are right. We have to fight on. By we, I also include myself.

    I’ll be honest, I thought about hanging it up. My wife feels like I spend entirely too much time on my blog, and on other blogs. She specifically asked me what good it was doing for me to carry the weight of this fight on my shoulders, when it seemed pretty clear no good was coming out of carrying that pressure. (I won’t mention that she also said it was making me a grouch.) That’s why I decided to cut back a little on my writing and a lot on replying to comments on my own blog. I still want to comment on other blogs, to a degree, but most of all, I want to keep writing about the issues I care deeply about.

  4. (I won’t mention that she also said it was making me a grouch.)

    Shhh, you said that out loud.

    Larry, you’ll end up just like the rest of us. When Obama pours it on this term, we’ll be more disgusted than ever before and blogging is that relief valve.

  5. Unfortunately, she is correct. I have been in a seriously foul mood since Tuesday night. I had some reconciliation of my own to do.

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