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Should the GOP just give Obama whatever he wants?

It’s been interesting to read some of the opinions on what strategy the GOP should pursue in light of the re-election of President Obama. Many have called for a total surrender on the part of the GOP in order to better position the party for the 2016 election by forcing the democrat party to take total ownership of the results of its policies. Let Obama raise taxes, implement Obamacare and be fully responsible for the economy and the jobs situation without having the benefit of blaming Bush any longer. My oh my, has it really come to this?

This is wrong on many levels. Let’s start with our short memories. The democrat party had both chambers of Congress during the first two years of the Obama presidency. We got Obamacare, stimulus, bailouts, etc. In other words, they got what is being suggested now. They difference being it was absent any GOP caving in. The result? The democrats never had to own it and Obama was re-elected. This proposed GOP strategy of surrender would only make it worse because the democrat party could then point to bi-partisan approval of their destructive policies and eliminate any campaign advantage. In short, we’ve already seen it won’t work.

A GOP surrender supporter would likely take exception and say that it’s not the same as Obama was able to exploit the blame Bush narrative in 2012 and won’t have that option any longer in 2016. Really? Is having the option of blaming the entire GOP party for bi-partisan support any better than just blaming Bush?

Let’s move on to what is most important. Having principles. If the GOP attempts such a calculated purely politically motivated strategy, they will illustrate that the ends justify the means. Getting elected is more important than standing for what is right. Exactly the opposite of what the party has attempted to exploit as a major difference between them and the left. Which is what the alternative parties have claimed for years, that there is no difference between the left or right.

I would suggest that the backlash would be much worse than any perceived value in the short-term. The GOP would succeed in forever alienating those who have just been hanging on my a thread anyway. If I were a GOP supporter, which I am not, I would be mad as hell. To think that the party would play games at such a critical time is unforgivable. We know from history that once major government programs are instituted, they never go away. Give Obama carte blanche for 4 more years and one could only imagine what permanent destruction he could implement.

It’s been stated many times that for democrats, the party left them years ago and has been hijacked by the far left. The blue dogs who are fiscally responsible yet more open socially no longer have a voice in the party. Multiculturalism has seen to that. Encompassing all views has become more important than retaining any core values. The same is true for the conservatives hanging on to the idea that aligning with the GOP is still the best option for at least getting the bulk of their views represented by a national party. You’ve been left behind as well. But not because the party was hijacked by the far right. Rather, it has been taken over by the party of no identity. Just blowing in the wind listening to focus groups, polls, election results and their opposition in trying to determine what face to paint on today to look just a bit better than their opponent.

History is replete with examples of how compromising principles doesn’t pay off. Reagan learned that when he signed off on amnesty in 1986. The 1988 election still saw the usual percentage of hispanic voters stick with the democrats. Bush ‘abandoned’ his free market principles in 2008 in order to save the free market system. We’ve seen 4 years of the free market languishing rather than recovering.

All of this speculative strategizing leads one to wonder just who has become more desperate, the GOP or the conservatives. The GOP clearly has no clue as they’re left licking their wounds following what should have been an easy victory over a failed presidency. So we get reckless talk of adopting a policy of no policy. That should answer the question of whether or not the party will be in a position to capitalize upon another 4 years of failure under Obama. The question remains as to whether or not the conservatives still think it’s a good idea to hitch their wagon to the train to nowhere.


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10 responses to “Should the GOP just give Obama whatever he wants?”

  1. Principles…backlash…gppd points. However I am not sure I agree with all of your reasoning. This is politics we are talking about. Sometomes playing poker is a valid strategy.

    Yes, Obama had a super majority in his first two years. Dodd-Frank and ObamaCare were passed and are disasters….to us, not necessarily to the average voter. Ib the first two years, the jobs hemoraging dlowed down or stopped. People were encouraged and thought things were going to start getting better. Repulicans take control of the House and we have gridlock. Obama blames everything on the obstructionist Republicans, because he had a jobs plan, remember. Also,the approval rating of Congress is at a record low. Obama was reelected with 9 million less votes thanin 2008. Are you sure some good poker playing isn’t in order? I don’t knpw if the Republicans have any decent poker players, so that could be a problem.

    BTW, I owe you an applogy. I saw your post title this morning and without reading it I though you like the others were in favor and I’m afraid I commented in a couple of places that you were among those supporting the idea. My bad! Very bad! I think I learned a lesson.

  2. Jim, can you honestly tell me that a GOP member elected to Congress who then turns around and rubber stamps all things Obama wouldn’t face a lynch mob? Can you honestly tell me that the media wouldn’t still be in the left’s pocket in 2014 and 2016 and portray the GOP as the problem? Can you honestly tell me that the left wouldn’t scream from the rooftops that the failures of the next 4 years were bi-partisan?

    Playing poker when negotiating a deal makes perfect sense. No one wins at poker by throwing in their cards.

    Have you completely thought through the implications of giving everything to Obama? That means cap and trade would be put in place. A VAT tax. Full amnesty. An even stronger EPA to destroy our energy independence. Nationalization of the banking industry is also on the horizon as our fiat money system collapses. Raising taxes will kill business investment and job growth, lead to recession and even more fiat money printing. We’ll be over $20 trillion in debt.

    Then there is the big one. Can you say with certainty that inflation won’t rear its ugly head during the next 4 years causing the debt service costs to explode and destroying the economy and eventually bursting the fiat money bubble? Do you think it wise to have signed off on all the Obama policies that will lead to the collapse of America? Being bi-partisan will only serve to make the GOP an accessory. Remember, the only reason we have over $16 trillion in debt is by being bi-partisan.

    That’s the key for me. This would never be portrayed as all on Obama. The DNC along with the media would expose everything bi-partisan and the GOP also goes down with the ship. Now if the thinking is this would be a wise tactic to get a third-party elected, you might be on to something. But to try to outsmart the left, the GOP would once again fail miserably.

    Oh, no apology necessary. I tend to cross lines often when it comes to politics so we are almost certain to disagree at some point.

  3. As usual, you raise good points. I have toyed around with the idea that it would be a good thing for the GOP to let the Democrats have what they want, albeit, not quietly. It is food for thought, at least. You are probably right, in that no matter what strategy the Republicans use, everything will be blamed on them. And the thought of Obama being able to pass cap and trade, full amnesty, and tax increases galore is a frighting thought.

  4. I really can’t argue with your logic. The poker hand I am talking playing would be very risky. Yo be played well would reguire great tact in addressing the American people and making the case that although Republicans believe Obamas policies will be bad for America, you the American voters have spoken, not once but twice that you want to give obama’s plan a chance to work. So, we will let you have that chancee. We will not try to obstruct Mr. Obama’s plan and we hope if after four more years, you are not happy with the results, you will remmeber our warning here today. Okay. There is no one in the Republican Party today who could possibly pull that off. So, to be perfect honest with you, my friend, I don’t think it matters much what the Repulicans do. They are toast and so is America. I think we are all going to need to start taking a much longer view on things. That’s my two cents worth anyway.

  5. Larry, I certainly understand where people want to go with this idea. The frustration from the American people re-electing this guy is incredible and tends to make us look toward unusual tactics. If we had a legitimate press corps that would help tremendously. History shows us that if we allow Obama to introduce these new tax revenue avenues, they will be here to stay as the GOP is certainly not going to end them in the next term.

  6. There is no one in the Republican Party today who could possibly pull that off.

    Remember when Rush Limbaugh proclaimed that he wanted Obama to fail? He was roasted for that even on the right. So you’re right, no one can sell it.

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