Things the Obama/Biden task force on gun violence won’t be highlighting

Are we really serious about banning inanimate objects that “cause” death?


Will banning weapons that “look” dangerous do any good?


V.P. Biden makes the claim that if the task force recommendations can save just one life then they will be worth it. Could it be the life Attorney General Eric Holder wasted in the form of a U.S. Border Patrol agent under his Fast and Furious gun trafficking scandal?


The Newtown murders were on December 14th and we will already have the task force recommendations on January 15th. Only took a month. The Benghazi tragedy Obama doesn’t want to see on the front pages occured on Sept. 11, 2012. 121 days and counting without any task force even being talked about. Just a matter of priorities, isn’t it Mr. President?




  1. Conservatives on Fire · January 10, 2013

    If you were the government, wouldn’t you want to get as many guns out of the hands of citizens before the dollar collapses?

  2. 5etester · January 10, 2013

    It’s interesting that the storyline has now changed in Newtown. Lanza did NOT utilize an assault weapon as it was left in his car –

    Wouldn’t you think Obama would seize upon this to go after his personal agenda goal (see post above) and outlaw all handguns since they were the weapon used?

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