In his 1996 Illinois State Senate run, Obama supported a total handgun ban

If there is any doubt as to the true intentions of President Obama’s agenda toward gun control, he answered the question himself back in 1996. While running for a seat in the Illinois State Senate, he filled out a candidate survey for the Independent Voters of Illinois Independent Precinct Organization (IVI-IPO). From the survey which you can read here – part one/part two – H/T Politico.

Question 35. Do you support state legislation to?
a. ban the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns?

The next question asks a similar question about banning weapons, however, the type is ineligible. Obama answered yes. As a sidenote, he also rejected capital punishment, did not support electronic eavesdropping (not so anymore), and universal health care with a single payer system at the federal level.

His campaign manager at the time was Carol Harwell whom an Obama aide told Politico that the survey was filled out by and not Obama himself. Interesting that when the flap over the Ron Paul newsletters and their racist tint surfaced during the primaries, the left discounted the idea that those newsletters were written by a third party with Ron Paul merely the editor. No hypocrisy here.

At any rate, the opportunity was provided for then candidate Obama to expand upon his views in his answers to any of the survey questions. He did so on several occasions but not on the gun control issues.

Being the POTUS is far different from state senator so Obama will not do the same and openly call for a handgun ban. That is a long-term agenda goal that he may do little more than establish the groundwork for in his 2nd term in office. We’ll have to see what events transpire that effect the public discourse over time as to how quickly he moves his agenda forward.

2 thoughts on “In his 1996 Illinois State Senate run, Obama supported a total handgun ban”

  1. But, Romney said Obama was a “nice” guy who was in over his head. How wrong can one man be? Obama, as usual, has passed the football to someone else. In this case Joe Biden. Obama will have his surrogate push the issue as far as possible. We had better hope there isn’t another mass killing in the near future. I don’t trust the Republicans to hold the line if that shouuuld happen.

  2. I have no doubt that Obama has an agenda to ban as many guns as possible. He just can call it gun control, opting to call it gun violence. I hold the very strong opinion that we need to keep a very close eye on him as his 2nd term begins to unfold.

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