Obama executive actions on gun control already a success as the first gun traffickers identified

President Obama has issued his wish list of 23 executive actions concerning gun control. That’s all it is, nothing more than a policy directive calling upon other federal agencies to do their job, which by implication, obviously they haven’t been doing. At the very top of the list would be our Attorney General, Eric Holder. President Obama has charged Holder with the task of making the Department of Justice the focal point for reducing gun violence. Here is the executive action from the White House website.

Create serious punishments for gun trafficking: Today, criminals can easily buy guns from
unlicensed dealers, or acquire them with the help of so-called “straw purchasers” who pass the
required background check to buy guns from licensed dealers. But there is no explicit law against
straw purchasing, so straw purchasers and others who traffic guns can often only be prosecuted
for paperwork violations. We cannot allow those who help put guns into the hands of criminals
to get away with just a slap on the wrist. Congress should close these loopholes with new gun
trafficking laws that impose serious penalties for these crimes.

Furthermore, the President has directed that we share information concerning lost or stolen guns.

Analyze information on lost and stolen guns and make it widely available to law
enforcement: The Department of Justice will publish an annual report on lost and stolen guns
to ensure that data collected by ATF is available. This report will include state-by-state statistics
about guns reported as missing. Making this data available will provide valuable information to
law enforcement about how to target its resources, and give states and cities the information
they need to pass laws and take other effective steps to make sure that lost and stolen guns are
reported. The Department will also identify best practices that are working today and encourage
states and cities to follow those models.

Thankfully, we can now report that the AG has already made great strides without even lifting a finger. Reason being is that it was Holder, at the direction of Obama, that executed the “fast and furious” gun trafficking operation in which the U.S. federal government supplied guns to Mexican cartels in which those guns were used in killing untold numbers of Mexican citizens as well as a U.S. Border Patrol agent.

How’s that for efficiency, something the federal government is notoriously poor at? Holder can make his first arrests without ever leaving his office.

The good news doesn’t stop there. The Mexican gun-walking operation was so successful that Obama elected to implement it in Benghazi, Libya in order to redistribute the arms caches of former Libyan strongman Moammar Gaddafi. Obama saw it as an excellent opportunity to empower the Muslim Brotherhood as well as AQIM, Syria, Hamas and Hezbollah. Unfortunately, the covert operation resulted in the deaths of 4 Americans including a U.S. Ambassador and two Navy Seals. I wouldn’t be too concerned that Obama is losing any sleep over this. After all, it was his responsibility as Commander-in-Chief that saw 22 Navy Seals die in a Chinook helicopter brought down by a single RPG in Afghanistan. Normally, one would think it wouldn’t be prudent to group together so many valuable assets in a slow-moving easy target as highly vulnerable to such an attack at take-off as an AH-47 is. Just one man’s opinion.

Regardless, we now have two prime examples of gun trafficking operations that the new Obama executive actions are designed to prevent. Will Holder and Obama follow through and prosecute those responsible? Word is they will right after O.J. locates the “real killer” he’s still searching for.

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  1. Well done!

    I think I’m gonna start calling this administration “Uncle Joe’s Shack”. It’s almost like “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”, where the slave owner with the superiority complex orders Tom to start beating the other slaves and tell where others ran off to. Only our modern day Uncle Joe doesn’t have the dignity, respect, fortitude, and faith to tell the evil slavemaster not no, but hell no, like old Uncle Tom did.

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