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Our unalienable right to self-defense cannot be taken away by any law or executive order

Here are the facts.

The 2nd Amendment does NOT grant us as human beings our right to self-defense, to self-preservation, to life.
The 2nd Amendment merely serves to insure that our government does not infringe upon our unalienable right to self-defense.
Our unalienable rights CANNOT be granted, stripped or altered in ANY way by any other human or government entity.
ANY executive action or order implemented by the President has no authority whatsoever if it infringes upon our unalienable rights.
No court at any level has the authority to uphold, diminish or modify our unalienable rights.
No level of government has any authority to legislate our unalienable rights.

This may be an uncomfortable truth for some to bear, particularly concerning the sensitivity with the mass shootings dominating the news cycle. However, regardless of the incomprehensible brutality of any of these events, no one has the authority to diminish my unalienable rights as a response. It isn’t a matter for debate or interpretation.

As far as any legislation or authoritative action being taken to control the manufacture, distribution, ownership or possession of guns no matter the caliber or magazine size, these actions are against natural law if they inhibit one’s ability to exercise their unalienable right to self-defense. Natural law is above common, civil or criminal law. It is above federal, state or local statutes. It is above our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, our Declaration of Independence. Natural law cannot be litigated, repealed or amended. Natural law is granted by God, our Creator, and is equal to the Word of God.

Natural law is more than the law of the land, it is the law of mankind. Does this mean it is practiced as such? Of course not. Natural law flies in the face of any authoritative or centralized form of government in existence. Efforts are always underway to diminish it, to suppress it, to deceive and disparage it. We see the efforts today to show the Constitution as outdated, as a living and breathing document subject to interpretation by the whims of activist judges. The day is not far off when the Constitution will be treated as natural law is. Barely even acknowledged. Mere history book material.

Nonetheless, natural law retains its standing. Any human being anywhere on the planet can at any time draw upon its authority to exercise their unalienable rights. Does this mean reality plays no role? Not at all. It’s more than a bit ironic that it will take a collective recognition of our natural law rights to garner the respect for those laws required to enable their implementation. The existence of any law does not insure its adherence. Which is at the heart of the argument of passing more laws against gun violence to go with the multitudes already existing that criminals pay no mind to.

Natural law is for the law-abiding, to give them the acknowledgement that they have the authority to hold their unalienable rights above all. If one wishes to carry a weapon for self-defense, no matter what it is, they have that right. Let’s remember what a right is. It only exists if by exercising it, it doesn’t infringe upon another’s right. If I carry a weapon for self-defense and then use it to execute a criminal action, I am nothing more than a criminal. What is the difference? I could have used any number of items to commit the criminal act, including my own hands. The weapon is irrelevant when it comes to intent.

This discussion isn’t even on the radar of the majority of Americans, most of who’ve never even heard of natural law. If they had, we wouldn’t be having a public discourse concerning to what extent we are willing to compromise our unalienable right to life in the interest of “doing something”. Obama and Biden may be taking advantage of what would appear to be a matter of common sense in claiming that these actions are “worth it” if they save even one life. Natural law says they CANNOT do any such thing regardless of the motivation if it in any way diminishes said law.

This is merely one example of the war on our liberty, and that’s exactly what it is, a war. There are an array of forces with differing agendas aligned against our rights. We are losing the war on all fronts and, unfortunately, generally surrendering without a fight in most cases in the interest of political correctness or just “doing something”.

Those who cherish liberty had better take a good look around and garner an accurate appraisal of who the enemy is and why we are losing. Think it’s just a matter of electing the right people? There are a number of “good” people in office right now. Can you point to any legislation they’ve introduced clarifying the fact that natural law is the true law of the land negating much of their work? It is quite clear that Obama has moved beyond the point of any concern over Constitutional adherence. The battles of decades past have been to diminish the Constitution. Now it is just to simply ignore it with no need to amend it. Do you see the SCOTUS with the will to step in and act as the intended check and balance against a tyrannical Executive branch?

As long as we continue to fight the war on their terms, we will continue to lose. Unfortunately, exceptionalism has led to apathy.


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