I promise I won’t bore you to death with a complete play-by-play of Clinton’s testimony on Benghazi. I wrote off her testimony as being significant long ago. Yes, I know she is only asking questions and not testifying under oath as my title conveys, but the expectation is the same. Clinton is a polished liar from way back so there was only one possible outcome to her testimony – more of the same.

I only wish to point a couple of things. We know she doesn’t read cables, she testified to that and Rand Paul spanked her on it. Apparently, she also doesn’t read all the talking points memo’s either. She brought up the “J” word, a no-no in Obamaland. Look no further than the Obama tripod of nominations. Kerry, Hagel and Brenner. All are fully on-board with Obama on the anti-Israel, pro-Islam rhetoric that we will inundated with the next four years. Clinton should have known that promoting this idea that “We now face a spreading Jihadist threat” is not allowed. After all, it’s why the video cover-up was hatched to begin with.

She also spent considerable time and effort throughout the day lecturing Congress that Benghazi, and all of its complexities, is still an on-going investigation with very few definitive conclusions having been drawn even after more than 4 months. She cited the ARB report multiple times as well as the sister classified version the public doesn’t get to see. Even so, she referenced it often and took extra effort to highlight the fact that many of the simplest details have not yet been validated.

Having said that, it’s interesting that she was able to make this claim yesterday.

“There is no doubt that the Algerian terrorists had weapons from Libya. There is no doubt that the Malian remnants of AQIM have weapons from Libya,” she said at a Senate hearing on the September attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya. AQIM – Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb – is an affiliate of al Qaeda

After months of investigation, we still can’t confirm even minute details concerning Benghazi, yet Clinton has already determined beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Algerian terrorists used Libyan weapons. Hmmm….well I must agree with her assessment as being spot on. Working hand in hand with the CIA to deliver those weapons to AQIM gives one the clarity to make such declarations.

In fact, if she doesn’t want to interrupt her upcoming long vacation, she could probably make some public statements right now as to how conflicts yet to play out will also involve weapons she, along with Amb. Stevens and the CIA, helped to deliver to multiple factions of Islamic Jihadists. Oops, I used that “J” word again.

At any rate, Clinton again stated she takes “full responsibility” while again taking no responsibility. So let it be written, so let it be done!