3D printer technology renders assault weapons ban irrelevant

Score yet another victory for technology. 3D printing technology has already arrived at the point to where guns and ammunition can be created in the comfort of your home. 3D technology for printers is nothing new. It’s been around for decades in use by a variety of industries including automakers and aerospace companies. Recently, we have seen it finally trickling down to the consumer level. Although still expensive, plan on shelling out thousands for the hardware and software required to make your items at home, the technology is now readily available. Check out this video of just how it works as a wrench is made.

Make this your Spellchek stock tip of the day as well. This industry is set to boom. We’ll see the corresponding drop in prices follow along as well making the printers available to the masses soon. The question is what will our legislators concoct in order to attempt to quell the obvious usage to skirt laws passed to restrict the manufacture and sales of various weapons? It’s completely impractical to attempt to somehow restrict the availability of the printers since they can even replicate themselves making a black market always an option.

Do they go after the software? Do they go after the patented, specialized powder or binding material required to create the composite material utilized in the production of the printed item? Do they end up passing even more superficial laws that have no effect? For example, the law that prohibits manufacturing or possessing a firearm not detectable by a walk-through metal detector. Yet another law that criminals pay no mind to, only law-abiding citizens heed it.

This is definitely a case in which a proven technology exists with a defined benefit to industry and consumers alike, so legislating it would be virtually impossible. But don’t think our elected officials won’t try. After all, don’t they tell us all the time we can’t exist without them?