The investigation into the Benghazi, Libya attacks on 9/11/12 has essentially come to an end. Clinton and Panetta have now testified and won’t be heard from again on the incident, at least officially. Their testimony was virtually useless except to solidify the strategy to protect Obama through plausible deniability. The Obama team simply determined that it is preferable to see the administration painted as a bunch of incompetent, bumbling idiots than it was to ever risk the truth seeing the light of day.

Despite some bluster from Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham about getting to the bottom of it, it’s all over. Even when McCain publicly stated after the Clinton testimony that he wanted to get statements from the hidden survivors of Benghazi, he wouldn’t commit to issuing subpoenas to insure it happens. No one would even confirm the number of survivors (20-30?) since the majority are CIA employees and operatives. For all intents and purposes, they are now ghosts. Absent an investigative journalist (do any still exist?) uncovering some damning evidence, Obama has succeeded in an epic cover-up.

It’s been an extremely frustrating event. Even at the end of the “investigation”, you still hardly heard anyone (except maybe Rand Paul) even begin to delve into what was most the most important question of all. Why? Why did it all happen? Instead, right to the end the focus has been just a political smear campaign. Making Obama look bad for his handling of it. Making Clinton look inept to stain her 2016 bid for the Presidency.

Case in point, what are all the headlines today from both bloggers and news outlets alike? That Obama and Clinton couldn’t even make a cursory phone call during the attacks. What an elephant in the room! Everybody and their brother knows that’s a bald-faced lie, but as Clinton likes to say, who cares? All the evidence shows the established pattern of security denials and a laundry list of security incidents at the special mission. It was a CIA covert op to funnel arms and Jihadists out of Libya so a small security footprint was to be expected.

Furthermore, the cables and statements from others revealed that we knew the attack was imminent. Then we had the non-response and cover-up b.s. afterward. Any clear thinking individual can determine that only one explanation is satisfactory. Obama knew the attack was coming and let it happen. He wanted Ambassador Stevens dead. Period.

Why? That’s the 2nd why question no one is asking. We know the incident revolved around concealing a CIA gun trafficking operation. However, Stevens was coordinating it at the direction of Clinton and Obama along side the CIA. Why would Obama want him dead (my theory is here)? Good luck finding anyone anywhere with any level of standing as far as authority goes even hinting at that question. That’s our vaunted one-party, establishment system at work for you. Lots of talkers. Lots of political gamesmanship. But in the end, nobody wants to tread there and potentially expose the entire underbelly of the Washington machine.

That’s why the incident ends here. The political points have been made and now it’s time to put it to bed. Oh, it will live on in the blogosphere for a long, long time to be sure, but as I mentioned previously, it will take a 3rd party to uncover a bombshell to keep it alive.