On Sept. 28, 1994, the ferry Estonia sank on the Baltic Sea. To this day, there are many unexplained instances surrounding the sinking. Go here to read a basic overview of the incident.

Speculation is that the ferry was being used to smuggle Soviet military technology. There is a plethora of information and theories available on the web as to what really happened. I’ve no intention of delving into that here, only to illustrate the strange surroundings of the surviving crew members who haven’t been seen or heard from since the sinking. 18 years and counting.

Similar to Benghazi, there are reports of survivors recovering in hospitals, yet no one is ever able to see or speak to them or conduct an interview. In the case of the Estonia, they simply disappeared. Could it be due to their knowledge of the ship’s secret cargo or mission? Smuggling Soviet State secrets through Sweden by way of a special arrangement to avoid customs inspections?

Now we have Benghazi in which the survivors have now been hidden away entirely from public view for five and a half months now. Certainly at least some would have recovered by now to a point in which a full debriefing could have been conducted by the intelligence community and at least a snapshot of a survivor could have been provided to the press. Yet we see or hear nothing.

Obama’s ever compliant press corps of course says nothing. There are those not aligned with Obama such as Fox News that have asked the question but when pressed through social media to investigate further merely respond by asking for the name of a survivor. Has investigative journalism degraded to the level of simple Google searches and nothing more? As John Boehner would say, they may have to get off their ass and go to work. Speaking of Boehner and Congress, here’s a money saving idea for sequestration since we’re releasing prisoners. Release the producer of the Obama video cover-up titled “Innocence of Muslims”, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula. Stop holding him without bail and allow him to face the court over his bank fraud charges probation violation. Not likely as he doesn’t fit the narrative Napolitano is pushing of illegal immigrants running rampant through the streets without another tax increase on the wealthy.

Unfortunately for the survivors of Benghazi, they appear to have met the same fate as other ill-fated operations throughout history. Were they provided new identities and lives with the implicit burden to never again speak of what happened or face a fatal ending? Or just a fatal ending? Like the Estonia cover-up, it’s looking as if we’ll never really know.