This is an absolute must-see video if you believe in your right to self-defense. That girl has courage far beyond what those cowardly, politically motivated asses that have the gall to call themselves servants of the people could ever dream to have.

Their solution to a woman facing a rapist in Colorado? Shut up and take it. Your natural right to self-defense is less worthy than the potential feelings of other campus classmates.

Rep. Hudak also distorts the “statistics” she claims are not on the rape victims side. She makes it sound as if 83 women are killed by their own weapon being taken away during the rape. A complete fabrication. 83 women to one die at the hands of the rapist who used their own gun. Quite different than what Hudak would have you believe and actually helps to support the young girls case of a need for her own weapon to defend herself.

As far as students not feeling comfortable, we’re talking about concealed carry here. Other students have no idea who’s carrying. If the liberal response to that is that not knowing is what’s unsettling, would they prefer open-carry instead to eliminate the fear of the unknown?

Just disgusting. Legislating away rights in a push to impose the fallacy that only government should be in a position of defending citizens, they can’t handle doing it on their own.