Fox New’s Sean Hannity just aired an hour long review of the Benghazi attacks entitled “Benghazi: 6 months of deceit”. First impression would be ‘welcome to the party Sean, where have you been’? The show didn’t shed any new light on the incident. In fact, most of what it called new has been out in the blogger world for many months. For example, he cited a report that Libya had warned the U.S. days prior of an imminent attack. Wow, is that old news!

Regardless, it’s good to see any mainstream media covering this event. BTW, Fox News and Hannity are the mainstream media despite their attempts to distance themselves from it. Just look at the ratings.

Per usual, the focus is all about the cover-up and how Obama handled the incident. Now, I bash Obama as much as anybody but can these people ever get past the small stuff and move on to the more important questions? Such as the reason for the attacks? The weapons trafficking operation conducted by the U.S.? Why we can’t get a member of Congress to actually stand up and get some answers?

You think the Rand Paul filibuster was effective? How about a large group of Congressional members make a very public display and stay in front of the cameras every single day until the State Dept. releases the names of the survivors so Congress can issue subpoenas to get them to testify? It’s a rhetorical question as we already know the answer. No one in Congress, republican or democrat, wants to force this issue because the identities, organizations involved as well as nationalities of the survivors are information no one wants to get out into the public domain.

I heard one reference during the hour to the weapons trafficking. I heard one question during the hour about the survivors. Pathetic.