A blog called “The Foundry”, part of the Heritage Network, has a post asking what we still don’t know about Benghazi – http://blog.heritage.org/2013/03/14/morning-bell-what-we-still-dont-know-about-benghazi/.

The panel of experts at the Heritage has come up with these four questions still to be answered by the Obama Administration.

1.Which counterterrorism and early-warning measures were in place to address security threats?
2.Which risk assessments were performed and which risk-mitigation measures were adopted before the attack?
3.What kind of contingency planning was undertaken and exercised to respond to armed assaults against U.S. facilities in Benghazi?
4.How was the interagency response to the incident organized and managed?

I can answer all four quite easily. It was a “special mission”, not a State Dept. diplomatic facility, and it was put in place to cover for the nearby CIA “annex” and its associated covert activities. Not really too difficult to surmise. Keeping a low-profile was paramount to the operation thus normal security protocols went by the wayside. Only question four is valid.

Instead, why don’t we ask these four pertinent questions.

1. Why won’t the Obama Administration release the identities of the survivors and make them available to testify in front of Congress? If national security concerns take priority over the names, agencies or organizations they work for, or other security clearance issues, it can easily be arranged to have them testify to a closed committee hearing.

2. Why won’t the Commander-in-Chief, as well as the Joint Chiefs of Staff, disclose the operational status of any and all potential responses we had available during the attacks and give the reasons for not using them? Again, confidentiality would come into play here as we would never release publicly intel concerning our operational readiness, but the oversight committees have members with proper clearances to view such a report.

3. What was the purpose of the “special mission” and the co-located CIA “annex”? Unfortunately, the answers to these questions wouldn’t be released publicly over national security concerns, but at a minimum Congressional oversight could be enacted.

4. Why hasn’t a single person been held accountable for Benghazi? Seems the best we could do was to put some State Dept. employees on paid leave. Not exactly justice for four dead Americans and an unknown number of wounded.

There are certainly more than four questions to be answered here, however, to this point we haven’t received a clear answer to any issue concerning Benghazi. Even the e-mail releases concerning who concocted and approved the video cover-up were so heavily redacted they were of no value.

It appears that we still have the Obama Administration waiting it out hoping that interest will wane and Benghazi will just wither away and die. Anyone taking any bets on an upcoming false-flag event to further put Benghazi on the back-burner?