North Korea false-flag event coming soon?

LONDON/SEOUL, April 5 (Reuters) – North Korea warned on Friday it could not guarantee the safety of diplomats after next Wednesday and asked embassies to consider moving staff out of the country, European diplomats said, amid high tension on the Korean peninsula.

The requests came on the heels of declarations by the government of the secretive communist state that real conflict was inevitable, because of what it termed “hostile” U.S. troop exercises with South Korea and U.N. sanctions imposed over North Korea’s nuclear weapons testing.

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So what’s really happening here? Why would North Korea make such a high-profile statement regarding April 10th or later? Could it be that they are planning a false-flag attack on their own country so that they can blame it either on the U.S. or South Korea?

Then we also hear that we’re also relocating assets both publicly and covertly.

After moving two Langley’s F-22 Raptor stealth fighters to Osan airbase, in South Korea, launching a B-2 Spirit stealth bomber on a round-trip training mission over a South Korean’s gunnery range from the Continental U.S., and deploying THAAD anti-ballistic missile defense system to Guam, positioning two guided-missile destroyers in the waters near the Korean peninsula, the Pentagon has decided to strengthen its presence in the region by deploying several B-1 Lancer long range bombers to Andersen Air Force Base, Guam.

But, for the first time in the last few weeks, the deployment of the “Bones” to the Pacific atoll was not made public (at least, not yet), a fact that could be the sign that the U.S. is not only making symbolic moves (as the above mentioned ones), but it is preparing for the worst scenario: an attack on North Korea.

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Clearly, the U.S. is preparing for airstrikes and not simply brushing this off as the same old rhetoric whenever North Korea is pushing for foreign aid.

I do know this. Back in my day when I served in the USAF in the 80’s, I was stationed at Nellis AFB in Las Vegas, NV. I was a communications technician doing things like maintaining the radios in the control tower. I did the same type work later for a defense contractor and was quite often deployed uprange, usually to Range 63 or Range 65 where practice bombing was conducted, to maintain bombing accuracy scoring equipment called TOSS. Many Red Flag exercises occurred there as well.

In April of 1986, the U.S. bombed Libya under Operation El Dorado Canyon in response to Qaddafi’s Berlin disco bombing. I wasn’t aware at the time why but we had noticed a significant increase in strafing runs at the bombing ranges by F-111 fighters. It turned out that 18 of them deployed to Libya in what became the longest fighter combat mission in history.

My point is that somewhere at this moment you can bet that training missions are being ramped up in preparation. I’m out of the loop now but for those who aren’t and are paying attention you can probably determine just what type of mission the U.S. has planned for North Korea.

Will Kim Jong-un attempt to draw us in with a false-flag attack? It would give him the excuse he desires to respond without being the provacateur. Is it time to take us to DEFCON 3? (BTW-the movies show DEFCON 5 as the worst yet it’s the reverse with 1 being the worst and we’ve never been there)

If he does, it would appear that we will be ready.