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A tribute to friends

My five year anniversary blogging is fast approaching so I thought I would pay a little tribute to those who have helped, contributed, commented or just been a friend along the way.

I hail from the great state of Michigan. Unfortunately, Detroit has been the posterchild for failed leftist policies over the last half-century and in the Motor City, Times have never been worse. Should you blog with a lean toward the Right, Michigan can be a lonely place and even make you ask, Wy Blog? Truth is, even in a socialist utopia, we need a Sentry. Journalists in the internet age see themselves as guardians over the Asylum, Watchers if you will.

All is not lost here in Michigan. The U of M wolverines made it to the final game of the big dance. Along the way as reported in the Gainesville Daley, Gator fans were extremely disappointed to see their team get beaten badly. U of M had a great showing in Texas, Conservative News outlets reported. The highlight of the season had to be the progression of That Mr. G Guy, Mitch McGary.

Spellchek covers a wide variety of topics, however, if it’s Political, Realities dictate that the content could be considered far right, a Conservative Hideout if you will. The Constitution around these parts is revered. It is our foundation, the tradition, the Classic, Liberal activists intent on reinterpreting it be damned.

This blog, as well as all of the friends linked here, do their level best to overcome the low-information voter. To educate and spread the word, even to the drones, the blind followers, the Mind Numbed, Robots that they are. Many are simply ignorant. Too many aren’t and still ignore reality. It isn’t that we are any smarter than they are. In fact, we are No One Of Any Importance. We just tell the truth.

Maybe someday they’ll make a movie about our efforts. A David and Goliath story. The blogger revolution and how it saved America! Lots of patriotic themes and lessons from the Founders. The movie poster should be plastered with reds and whites, and if I were the Director, Blue would be everywhere.

There you go. I think I linked all those featured on my header without stretching too much. I appreciate all of you as well as many others that have helped to keep Spellchek going over the years. It’s good to have friends.


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