It was a resident of Watertown, not the massive dragnet of police, that eventually did in the fugitive Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokar Tsarnaev. David Henneberry noticed the tarp on his boat had been disturbed when he stepped out for a smoke and here is where I start to have questions.

Something didn’t look right.

David Henneberry had been cooped up for hours, stuck inside as police searched for a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings. He ventured out for some fresh air after police lifted their order to stay indoors.

He looked at the boat parked in his yard.

What he saw brought an end to the authorities’ sweeping manhunt.

“The tarp on his winterized boat had sort of been flapping in the wind,” his stepson Robert Duffy told CNN’s Piers Morgan.

Henneberry had tied down the covering on the vessel in his backyard so firmly that it had not budged all winter long, not even through this year’s blizzards.

“He got closer and realized that one of the retention straps had literally been cut — not chafed, not broken or unhooked,” Duffy said. Henneberry saw something else — something on the tarp that looked like blood.

The Watertown resident thought some animal had forced its way into his boat. Maybe it was a squirrel, he told his stepson.
Henneberry climbed a stepladder to look inside.

“He basically stuck his head under the tarp (and) noticed a pool of blood,” Duffy said.
It was dark under the tarpaulin, so the boat owner could only make out vague contours, “but he definitely noticed there was something crumpled up in a ball,” the stepson said.

A pool of blood; a manhunt in Watertown; time to call 911

The first question would be could this homeowner really be that foolish? You know there’s a manhunt for a bomber going on in your neighborhood. You see the tarp disturbed and the blood. At this point would you look into the boat and risk either being shot by the fugitive or blown up? Maybe that’s just me. As soon as I would have seen the tarp disturbed, I’m calling in the troops. When you see a strap cut and a fugitive on the loose, you don’t assume it could be an animal.

Second question is what he saw. Henneberry looks into the boat and sees Tsarnaev curled up in a ball with a pool of blood. You could say that Henneberry didn’t know it was Tsarnaev. You could say he thought it was some sort of animal. Really? C’mon!!! There’s an active manhunt in your neighborhood! You don’t go poking your head in places like that. It’s only when there’s no manhunt and no bombers in the news 24/7 that you do what Henneberry did and investigate like a normal person would do.

But let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and just assume this is a very foolish homeowner. The next question is why didn’t he get shot when he lifted the tarp and looked in? Remember what happened next. The police hustled him and his wife out of there and lo and behold, a gunfight ensues.

Tsarnaev’s injuries were thought to have been inflicted the night before in a gunfight. There was already a pool of blood in the boat, right? My point is Tsarnaev was in no position to fight any longer. He didn’t respond to the homeowner looking in. So who did the police have a gunfight with???

Did they shoot up the boat to take him out? Obviously not as he survived. The police helicopter with infrared verified movement in the boat. Again, if was coherent and awake, why was he able to mount a gunfight with the police but not shoot the homeowner? If I’m Tsarnaev and somebody sticks their head in my hiding place, at a minimum I’m going to whack them with something and attempt to move to a new hiding spot. I wouldn’t shoot Henneberry because I don’t want to give away my location.

But Tsarnaev did nothing to Henneberry and made no attempt to leave as they eventually used shock grenades and had to gas him out of the boat.

What evil conspiracy am I proposing here? None, other than the story just doesn’t add up. Is the story as reported in the news erroneous? That certainly rates high on the probability list. It would help explain why as the way it went down as reported just doesn’t make sense. Hopefully, another inquisitive homeowner had the cellphone video rolling from their window and we’ll see more actual footage of what really happened in Watertown.

BTW – I’ve seen this video, however, it doesn’t clear anything up. It doesn’t sound like an exchange of gunfire, just one side firing.