We’ve seen a lot of videos concerning the Boston Marathon. Lots of videos of the actual bomb blasts and devastation. Videos of the 2 suspects walking down the sidewalk and being apprehended. Heck, we saw helicopter footage of suspect #2 in the boat already. Do you wonder why we haven’t seen the one video that matters? The video that actually shows the suspects placing the backpacks in position before they exploded.

We know it exists because law enforcement has told us it does. In fact, it’s a very “chilling” video we’re told. Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick.

Speaking on “Meet the Press,” the governor said surveillance video from the attack shows one suspect dropping his backpack and calmly walking away before the bomb inside exploded. It clearly puts 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev at the scene of the attack, he added.

“It does seem to be pretty clear that this suspect took the backpack off, put it down, did not react when the first explosion went off and then moved away from the backpack in time for the second explosion,” Patrick remarked. “It’s pretty clear about his involvement and pretty chilling, frankly.”

Only one small catch. Patrick has never even seen the video.

Patrick said he hasn’t actually viewed the videotape, but has been briefed by law enforcement officials about it.

Source – http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/04/21/gov-patrick-chilling-video-shows-bombing-suspect-dropping-his-bag-taking-cover/

It makes one wonder if we’ll ever get to see it to judge for ourselves. It would seem to be a matter of no small importance since we already have one dead suspect, untold millions spent on the massive law enforcement deployment and manhunt as well as subjecting the Boston area to what equated to martial law.

Let’s hope they’ll release it and soon, otherwise its conspicuous absence will grow a life of its own. Kind of like the surveillance video showing the plane hitting the Pentagon that we’ve still not seen yet. Or the Benghazi front gate surveillance video. And we wonder why “conspiracy” theories get started.