Benghazi progress report released from House GOP – I’d give it a D- so far

A progress report has been issued to House Republicans concerning the terrorist attack in Benghazi on Sept. 11,2012.

Click to access libya-progress-report.pdf

I will chock it up as another waste of taxpayer money. It’s nothing more than a 2016 Presidential election campaign salvo aimed at derailing Hillary Clinton from running. Focusing yet another congressional report (based upon five different committee investigations) on the inadequate security and the botched video cover-up by the Obama Administration is really old news.

Look at what the report never even addresses.

1. No questioning the purpose of the U.S. special mission and C.I.A. annex. It’s classified and the GOP wants to keep it there.

2. No addressing the status of the survivors. How many, where they are, who they are, who they worked for and what do they know.

Simply answering the covert nature of the operation answers all of the questions raised by the report as to why security was lax and requests for additional security were denied. Coordinating weapons transfers to Syria amongst others and possibly detaining prisoners are the real reasons for the existence of the entire operation. Clearly, a low profile is preferable here and thus the lax security.

The same goes for the survivors. The House committee’s don’t want to go there. The political fallout from revealing the truth of Benghazi affects the GOP as well as Obama. Neither side wants the real truth out there for that reason. Calling for the truth and endlessly investigating through committees is just political posturing.

The goals of the five committee’s going forward are outlined in the report and nowhere will you see the two areas listed above.

Sorry folks, no justice will ever come out of these committee investigations.