The above was audio from a caller named John from Iowa to the Sean Hannity show who claimed to have operated the camera on the drone flying over Benghazi during the attacks of Sept. 11, 2012.

We don’t know if he was legit or a ringer. His account of the attacks matches what is already known so he didn’t shed any light on anything unreported so far. However, he did make one important claim. That the drone was dispatched to the area well in advance because something “might go down”.

So why the mystery? He wouldn’t give his identity yet claimed he wasn’t revealing anything classified. Unless he could provide verifiable proof of his statement that something “might go down”, he really didn’t add much which might explain his bewilderment that no one from Congress has ever contacted him for his story. If Congress can view the drone feed themselves, then I’m sorry John from Iowa, you don’t really have anything to add.

Near the end of his call he threw out a dig at Clinton for her 2016 run for office stating “God help us”. This is where he just looks like a “ringer” caller set up for Hannity. As I have repeatedly harped on in previous posts, so much of these Benghazi revelations are nothing more than campaign material for the 2016 election and it would appear that caller “John” fits into that category.

Sorry if I seem like such a buzzkill to all of this, but I think is important to temper the enthusiasm in finally “getting somewhere” on exposing the Obama Administration lies concerning Benghazi. We may be making progress for the 2016 election, but we aren’t making progress in achieving justice for the dead in Benghazi.