Killing America one iconic symbol at a time


I wonder if the indian from the iconic 1970’s ‘Keep America Beautiful’ commercial would agree with Obama on his ‘green’ energy initiatives? It is estimated that in excess of half a million birds are killed each year by the windmills that are taking over our landscape.


I suppose it fits right in with the President’s agenda to crush the America we grew up with so why not allow one of its greatest symbols to die with impunity?


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Wait, you say. The President is only trying to do what’s best for the country. It’s for the greater good akin to eminent domain. If millions of birds have to take one for the team to wean our country off of fossil fuels, than all is forgiven, right? Kind of like the countless Americans who have died due to the CAFE standards in which increasing miles per gallon at the expense of safer vehicles is warranted? Or perhaps the ethanol mandate which is killing people in third-world countries?

Sacrificing for the collective is fine if we’re talking about your family, but when it’s tyranny and an authoritarian statist empire hell bent on dictating how to run our lives? No thanks.