Benghazi drone camera operator interview

The above was audio from a caller named John from Iowa to the Sean Hannity show who claimed to have operated the camera on the drone flying over Benghazi during the attacks of Sept. 11, 2012.

We don’t know if he was legit or a ringer. His account of the attacks matches what is already known so he didn’t shed any light on anything unreported so far. However, he did make one important claim. That the drone was dispatched to the area well in advance because something “might go down”.

So why the mystery? He wouldn’t give his identity yet claimed he wasn’t revealing anything classified. Unless he could provide verifiable proof of his statement that something “might go down”, he really didn’t add much which might explain his bewilderment that no one from Congress has ever contacted him for his story. If Congress can view the drone feed themselves, then I’m sorry John from Iowa, you don’t really have anything to add.

Near the end of his call he threw out a dig at Clinton for her 2016 run for office stating “God help us”. This is where he just looks like a “ringer” caller set up for Hannity. As I have repeatedly harped on in previous posts, so much of these Benghazi revelations are nothing more than campaign material for the 2016 election and it would appear that caller “John” fits into that category.

Sorry if I seem like such a buzzkill to all of this, but I think is important to temper the enthusiasm in finally “getting somewhere” on exposing the Obama Administration lies concerning Benghazi. We may be making progress for the 2016 election, but we aren’t making progress in achieving justice for the dead in Benghazi.


Besides the 4 dead guys in Benghazi, who else is the victim? The American people who are looked at as suckers by the political establishment

If you happened to read my post recently about the highly-touted “whistleblower” who appeared on Fox, you know I was less than impressed. Not because I don’t wish to see the truth about Benghazi come to light, rather I hope to see relevant testimony come forward. I think I can make a pretty safe bet that this isn’t it.

The GOP angle has become quite clear. Benghazi for them is merely a political opportunity to attempt to derail the Clinton 2016 candidacy before it ever gets legs. They know there isn’t any smoking gun to tie-in Obama who is a lame-duck anyway. So the next best thing is to tie Clinton in to the video cover-up and the non-response to the attacks in time to save lives.

The internet is strewn with stories today about the whistleblowers and the “explosive” testimony they are about to unleash. I have to go back to my post from October 18, 2012 –

The media firestorm is all about the Obama cover-up of the response. It should be focused on why this ever happened because it stinks to high heaven. Ambassador Stevens is dead and it appears to me that it was intended to be that way. The testimony supports it. The events leading up to it supports it. The real question is why?

Despite all the attention that will be paid to Benghazi this week, we still won’t find out why. Nor will anyone even be asking the question. It just disgusts me. The GOP will be proudly displaying their badge of honor that they are fighting to get the truth out after all this time despite the Obama Administration doing their level best to just make it go away. Not in my book. The GOP may be doing all it can to score political points and better position themselves for 2016, but they aren’t pursuing the truth that really matters.

Don’t get me wrong. Tar and feathering Clinton for her involvement may be the best option the GOP has to take her down in 2016. Please proceed. But where is the ‘real’ investigation? I want to see the GOP pursue it with the same vigor they have for Clinton’s neck.

Investigate the gun trafficking and coordinating Jihadist fighters to Syria and al-Qaeda.

Investigate the CIA prisoner detention at the annex. Some speculate the NSA is behind all of it.

Investigate the survivors, how many, who they are, why they’re being silenced and what insight can they provide as to the above two questions.

Those are the core questions that will explain so much including the purpose of the U.S. special mission, the coordinated drawdown of security prior to the attacks and the lack of any aid once they commenced. This is where the real dirt is. And it’s why the GOP only gives it lip service. The truth will be extremely damning to the U.S. government and for a whole host of reasons the GOP doesn’t want it to get out any more than Obama does.

Once again, the American people are being snowballed. While the left and right have a political debate over Benghazi, the nasty, bitter pill that is the truth isn’t even up for discussion.

Three additional suspects in Boston bombings taken into custody

H/T – Business Insider

The Boston Police Department’s Twitter account has announced the arrest of three more suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings.

Boston Police Dept. ✔ @Boston_Police

Three additional suspects taken into custody in Marathon bombing case. Details to follow.
11:07 AM – 1 May 2013

4,501 Retweets 284 favorites Reply

The Boston PD have confirmed the news in a phone call with Business Insider.

The three suspects are said to be college students, according to the Boston Globe. According to CBS’s Charlie Kaye, they were arrested for “harboring or aiding the suspects after the fact.”

CNN reports that the suspects are in the custody of the FBI.

Read more:

UPDATED***The three arrests are for activities AFTER the bombings took place –

Saudi Arabia tipped U.S. and Britain to Boston bombings in writing

The MailOnline has this exclusive story.

EXCLUSIVE: Saudi Arabia ‘warned the United States IN WRITING about Boston Bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev in 2012’
Saudis developed intelligence separately from Russia, which also warned the U.S. about the accused Boston bomber

A letter to the Department of Homeland Security allegedly named Tsarnaev and three Pakistanis as potential jihadis worthy of U.S. investigation
Red flags from Saudi Arabia to have included Tsarnaev’s name and information about a planned explosive attack on a major U.S. city

Saudi foreign minister, national security chief both met with Obama in the oval office in early 2013

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How much stock should we put in it? At this point it’s yet another strawman as we don’t have a source revealed. Just as we aren’t allowed to see the video showing the suspect brothers actually placing the bombs in position (which the feds tell us exists).

Was the Daily Mail waiting for the official White House denials first so they could catch them with their hands in the cookie jar first? We’ll see.

It certainly fits in with the idea that our government absolutely knew this attack was going to happen. That’s why the bomb squad drills were scheduled the day of the marathon. The feds thought they were going to derail the attack and bust the brothers in the act. Didn’t work out so well despite having all the proper people in place beforehand.

DHS can never admit they were trying to allow the attackers to make their move before busting them. Doesn’t look so good when you have dead people to account for. However, the evidence trail showing prior knowledge of the attacks is seemingly getting longer by the day. You may also recall that Obama was tipped 48 hours prior to Benghazi by the Libyan government and we see where that got us as well.

Fox Benghazi whistleblower bombshell interview? Or not?

What is a whistleblower? According to the online dictionary, it is this: One who reveals wrongdoing within an organization to the public or to those in positions of authority.

What’s unique concerning the Benghazi cover-up is the fact that no whistleblower has yet to come forward. We are merely hearing from hidden sources that “potential” whistleblowers exist and that they are being threatened. The supposed whistleblower that appeared in the Fox story is unidentified.

So we have State Dept. employees seeking legal counsel as they claim to have been threatened by the Obama Administration with career ending punishment should they go public. And we have special ops sources that appear on Fox that “would be decapitated if they came forward with information that would affect high level commanders”.

I remember serving on jury duty years ago in a drunk driving case. It seemed a little surreal to us jurors at first when both sides came out and told us that the defendant was guilty. In other words, we were only there to decide how much money to award the victim. The analogy being that we have both sides telling us that these whistleblowers really do exist and we are merely negotiating their punishment for doing so.

It would seem a little less weird if we had already seen a whistleblower come forward with an accusation and we were debating its merits. Instead, we are watching the GOP say they exist but they want the Obama Administration to be the ones to out them. Confusing to say the least.

A logical thinking person may ask what harm could come from simply releasing the identities of the survivors. Or what harm could come from the supposed State Dept. employees counsel revealing the names of those who wish to tell Congress what they know. After all, wouldn’t it seem preferable to have your identity revealed as a protection against future retaliation? It’s likely these State Dept. employees don’t have any concrete evidence as to direct threats or we would already know about it.

I mean, we aren’t even talking about giving up the goods on Obama, only the identities of those people. Yet we can’t even get to that starting point in uncovering Benghazi. Of course the Administration lackeys are all deployed to say it’s time to move on, we’ve spent enough time on Benghazi, etc. They have everything to lose if we ever get to the bottom of it.

But why won’t the GOP reveal names? Why won’t Issa issue subpoenas? Is everybody really caught up in playing this silly media game in which they simply hope to shame Obama in coming clean? Never. Gonna. Happen.

Either put your cards on the table or we may as well do as Obama wishes and just move on. Merely accusing Obama of misusing his options to respond to the Benghazi attacks isn’t going anywhere. Wouldn’t matter if the SEALS were having a training exercise 2 blocks away went it went down. If he made the wrong call as a response, the most you get him on is being an incapable Commander-in-Chief. You need solid evidence, not hearsay, of a stand-down order issued.

You can’t tell me that if that evidence exists that the GOP wouldn’t give every assurance to the whistleblower that they won’t need to worry anymore about career progression as they will be taken care of for the rest of their life. Some rich donor would see to that for sure if the result were to take down Obama. So suffice it to say that it isn’t out there. Any orders given were verbal only.

Nice try Fox. You might get your ratings bump by selling this as a bombshell revealed yet it’s only more of the same we’ve been hearing for seven months. Wake me up when you have something relevant.

Shotgun hold-up FAIL

It would appear that this would-be thief followed Biden’s advice and bought a shotgun. Apparently, he didn’t realize that you don’t need to be 2 inches from your targeted victim for it to be effective.

You know, it’s bad enough to be made to look foolish by having your weapon knocked away but to have it completely stripped from you in a flash? This is one criminal who should have taken advantage of one of those cash for guns programs. At least he would have walked away with a few bucks.