Some statistics for you via the Bureau of Labor Statistics comparing January of 2009 when Barack Obama took office and August of 2013.

Total civilian non-institutional population meaning those 16 and older not in prison or the military.
January 2009 – 234,739,000 million
August 2013 – 245,959,000 million
We added 11,220,000 million working age people to the rolls.

Total civilian labor force.
January 2009 – 153,716,000 million
August 2013 – 155,486,000 million
The labor force grew by just 1,770,000 million of the 11,220,000 new additions of working age people.

Total employed which only requires working 1 hour per month to be included.
January 2009 – 142,099,000 million
August 2013 – 144,170,000 million
How about that! 2,071,000 more employed exceeding the growth in the labor force itself. Which means another statistic must have went down.

Total unemployed.
January 2009 – 11,616,000
August 2013 – 11,316,000
Here it is! 300,000 less unemployed now compared to January 2009.

Unemployment rate.
January 2009 – 7.6%
August 2013 – 7.3%
Wow! President Obama really has reduced the unemployment rate since taking office.

Total not in labor force
January 2009 – 81,023,000 million
August 2013 – 90,473,000 million
Uh-oh! The inconvenient truth. 9,450,000 million more people no longer even in the labor force. They didn’t die. They didn’t win the lottery. They are the gift that keeps on giving to the Obama Administration as they allow for the artificially low unemployment rate numbers to be reported as evidence of an improving economy.

Hard to believe that we have more people in the U.S. not in the labor force that exceeds the total populations of countries like France or Germany or the United Kingdom.