Were the Syrian WMD’s supplied by America?

President Obama has tentatively agreed upon the framework structure of the agreement between Syria and Russia to overturn Syria’s stockpiles of chemical weapons. Most observers have concluded that this is a major political victory for Russian P.M. Putin for one-upping Obama and showing America to be weak on the global stage. This will likely be debated for a long time to come, however, the agreement gives Syrian leader Bassad the breathing room he needed to continue to try to stay in power.

In fact, a Lebanese newspaper is reporting that Assad has already begun transferring his chemical weapon stockpiles out of Syria into Iraq.

Syria has moved 20 trucks worth of equipment and material used for the manufacturing of chemical weapons into neighboring Iraq, the Lebanese daily Al-Mustaqbal reported on Sunday.

What’s interesting is that the chemical weapons stockpile Assad now possesses are the very same ones purported to have been under control of Iraq’s Saddam Hussein. You may recall that there was no end to opponents of the Iraq War that reported the transfer of WMD’s out of Iraq prior to the war thus negating any authorization for the war itself. Here are a couple examples.



We can back even further to the 1994 Riegle Report which was a Senate report detailing how U.S. companies originally supplied the raw materials to Iraq for the production of the WMD’s.


This article examines these accusations in detail including the Riegle Report – http://globalresearch.ca/united-states-exports-of-biological-materials-to-iraq/655.

A logical conclusion for the high level of confidence exhibited by the Bush Administration over the existence of the WMD’s in Iraq would be because America itself supplied Hussein with the materials needed. Was Bush aware the WMD’s were moved to Syria before the invasion and proceeded anyway? Certainly a debate topic.

Will we see a repeat of this scenario in Syria? Will Obama still attack Syria at some point? Will the WMD’s already be out of Syria and back in Iraq? Time will tell.

We’ve all heard of the influence of the military-industrial complex. America producing and selling chemical weapon raw materials and then repeatedly using them for justification for conflict would certainly seem to fit the bill here.

None of this justifies Hussein or Assad and their utilization of chemical weapons to kill their own people. Also, none of these accusations of the trail of WMD’s can be reported as irrefutable fact. But it sure smells like a rat when you consider the American blood and treasure lost.

One thing we can be reasonably sure of is that it hasn’t ended yet and more loss will be forthcoming concerning the trail of America’s chemical weapons.