Wal-mart EBT glitch in Louisiana a reflection of the government debt limit debacle

The EBT glitch over the weekend at 2 Louisiana Wal-Mart stores is an excellent example of what will happen if the federal government debt limit is increased. Chaos, irresponsibility, greed are just a few descriptions of what happens when irrational people are put in charge of spending.

Obama likes to play his Clintonesque word games by stating that increasing the debt limit won’t cost a dime. As if our politicians won’t use the increased spending limit? Just another sound bite for the uninformed voter.

Wal-Mart is going to get hung with the bill for the SNAP disaster and they should. They didn’t follow established protocols for dealing with EBT glitches and upper management signed off on keeping the registers ringing away – http://www.examiner.com/article/walmart-food-stamp-free-grocery-frenzy-walmart-vs-ebt-who-pays-for-glitch.

That’s the example of greed at work. Management thought they could score a massive sales binge at the expense of the taxpayer and probably they saw their bonuses expanding along with the sales. Sorry chumps, learn the rules.

Then there are the people. Like piranhas, a feeding frenzy was unleashed when the masses saw their opportunity to stick it to the man and take advantage of what they surely knew was wrong. For the slip and fall lawyers who are now frothing at the mouth, fraud won’t be easy as intent will be difficult to prove. The card functioned, the store accepted it. Unless they can provide documentation of SNAP recipients agreeing in advance to never exceed their spending limit, glitches are the responsibility of the provider.

At any rate, it’s what we’ll see when the GOP folds and passes the debt limit increase. Already spent, guaranteed. The politicians will be just like the Wal-Mart shoppers who got their spending limit increased. Even though they know it’s wrong and that the nation can’t afford it, they’ll spend it anyway. Count on more freebies for the entitlement generation to secure some more 2014 votes.

Wal-Mart could have avoided it all by following the rules but failed. Government could avoid sending us further over the debt cliff we’re barreling over but they won’t.

Wal-Mart will pass on the cost of the loss to the paying customers. Government will pass on the cost to paying taxpayers and future, unborn generations of Americans.

May you all rot just like the pumpkin on my porch.