The Obamacare trap

As most of America has learned by now, Obamacare is a disaster. No surprise to those of us who paid attention years ago when all of the predictions of its shortcomings were exposed and are now coming to fruition.

But where are you now? Have you realized that defunding Obamacare will never happen? Maybe you held out a glimmer of hope when Ted Cruz filibustered that it would catch fire and others would be emboldened to stand together on principle no matter what the cost? Sorry to say even Cruz wouldn’t go all in at any cost because he has aspirations of a 2016 run.

So now the default position of Obamacare opponents is that maybe it will collapse under its own weight as Paul Ryan promoted previously. People are hopeful given the high profile rollout glitches that maybe enough other people will jump in and create a nationwide cry for repealing it.

Is this you? Are you left with pushing for a one year delay of the individual mandate as the best we can hope for? Maybe then enough people will see it for what it really is and reject it.

Stop. Just stop. Don’t fall into the Obamacare trap. The trap of buying into this notion that these glitches and delays will derail it. Have we learned nothing throughout history of how government programs work? Are we so naïve as to think Obama is in any way surprised by the rollout? Did we not hear him as a Senator when he openly called for a single payer system and his acknowledgement that bringing down the private healthcare system is a process?

How exactly does Obamacare collapse under its own weight? Remember, it’s the law of the land. The only way it collapses is by an Act of Congress. The law must be changed. Who believes that will happen?

Rather, what we’re seeing is ordo ab chao. The Latin phrase meaning ‘order out of chaos’. The glitches and further disasters we haven’t even been exposed to yet are all pre-planned. Now, it may seem counter-intuitive to some that Obama would want his signature piece of legislation to look bad or, worse yet, fail. But you need to consider what will happen when the crescendo of cries from outraged Americans reaches a fever pitch. Will America do as those on the right hope for and call for a return to the way things were pre-Obamacare? Or will they fall into the normal trap and see the problem as so large, so prolific, that the only way to salvage such an enormous challenge as the nations healthcare system is to ask for more of the same?

It’s part of the dependency nation mentality. People may openly criticize government and acknowledge the problems caused by the massive bureaucracy, but at the end of the day they still see the federal government as the only entity capable of solving immense problems for over 300 million people.

You know some of these people. They may be bloggers. They may vote the ‘right’ way. Go to church on Sunday. But how about behind closed doors? Will they check into Obamacare behind the scenes and see if they can save some money? After all, who would know? And make no mistake, because of the subsidies, there will be benefactors to Obamacare. If you can save you and your family some money at the expense of others and no one else will know, is it unreasonable to think that many will do so despite knowing they are contributing to the problem?

Regardless, that’s still a minimalist number of people. Most are just run-of-the-mill dependency types who see it as a way to get back at the system and improve their lot in life. Just look at the reaction to the EBT glitch in the Louisiana Wal-marts. Fact is, when opportunity presents itself, most will indulge the inclination for looking out for number one first. That’s just human nature.

Obamacare will be no different. The built-in collapse mechanism is by design so that the public will cry out for the Federal Government to fix it and that will be the opening that Obama has already foreseen as the opportunity to get to single-payer.

For those on the right who have illusions of seeing Obamacare self-implode and a return to our public-private healthcare system, you’ll be sadly disappointed to see yet another program of government largesse live on in perpetuity. Will it change? Of course. The laws have to change in order to get to single-payer. But to think it will go away due to bad press is folly.

If Obama seems detached and his usual above the fray of the Obamacare disaster, it’s not because he is in over his head. It’s not because he just doesn’t care. It’s because the trap has been laid and Americans are falling into just like lemmings (yes I know the lemmings thing is a myth, but you get the point) and he is just enjoying the ride of yet another agenda item on the bucket list getting checked off.