America is not the greatest country in the world (anymore)

Here’s a thought provoking clip for you

Is it safe to say that a century of progressivism has succeeded in making America just one amongst many?

Can we still be the greatest with a leader who is openly promoting our standing as just another equal?

Are you comfortable with the toolkit your kids will have at hand to keep America strong? With the educational indoctrination that awaits them? With the unsustainable debt burden?

Socializing healthcare is nothing more than a step in the ladder for those who proclaim it to be the end all. Completing the transformation of America into its standing as a global equal still has a ways to go, but if you ignorantly remain tied to this notion that we are still the ‘shining city upon a hill’ and we will remain so despite ourselves then you are a fool.

Oh, by the way, I am aware that Jeff Daniels plays a huge lib in this HBO series and my conclusions are not at all what liberals have in mind after his rant addressing a conservative audience, but isn’t it interesting how perspective plays such an important role in assessing situations? As always, when you start out on the wrong premise, everything that follows is usually wrong as well. If you assume that Barack Hussein Obama is right when he proclaims that government has not done enough as being the problem, then you are forever doomed to make the wrong decisions going forward.