Could Mr. Carlin, R.I.P., have been referring to this conglomerate?

10 Mega-Corporations

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Don’t think it’s possible that the government spendaholics won’t come for your pensions as Carlin alluded to? It’s a $17.5 trillion (yes, trillion) dollar pie and represents the last and largest untapped revenue stream Congress hasn’t confiscated yet –

Let’s not forget the VAT tax that will find its way in at some point as well. That will be far more expensive than Obamacare in the long run.

But you’ve heard all this before. What will it take for people to realize the window for fixing our problems from within has passed? Still stuck on the notion that just electing true conservatives and taking back the GOP is the cure? You know, the pundits have labeled all who wish to step anywhere outside the box as extremists, racists, or some form of fringe kook. I’d recommend living up to their labeling. If not, the establishment will continue to win as illustrations like those above show that they permeate all facets of society and have us peasants squabbling amongst each other for yet one more way they can save us from ourselves.