Back in 2008, Sen. John McCain asked Americans to “fight with me” and that he would “fight for our children’s future”.

Fast forward to the present day and Sen. McCain has changed his tune. He has chosen to no longer “fight for our children’s future”.

By echoing the comments of Rep. John Boehner and calling out his fellow Republicans who will vote against the Ryan/Murray budget bill, he leaves no doubt as to where his priorities lie. Politics. Posturing for the mid-term elections. Joining with his democrat colleagues across the aisle to mortgage our children’s future. To steal from them before they are even born yet. You might call it the pot calling the kettle black.

“I have concerns about the budget deal, everybody I think does because of the nature the way business is done, but to somehow vote against it without an alternative to keep the government from shutting down, then I think lacks some intellectual integrity.”
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Intellectual integrity? Does it require integrity to saddle future generations with unsustainable debt? Or does it require a void of morals? It’s really quite simple. Continue voting for more deficits and more debt and you have no principles. Another government shutdown (incorrect terminology as the government never shut down previously) should be an absolute priority regardless of fallout for 2014. As McCain used to say, we need to “fight for what’s right for our country”, not what’s politically expedient.

GOP supporters don’t like that thinking. They believe we have to win elections to gain sufficient leverage to enact change. Sorry boys and girls, you’ve had myriad chances already when you had leverage to enact those mythical changes and failed. We really need an electorate with elephant memory so they would recall when they were stiffed previously on false promises of reform.

It pains me greatly to see a war hero who should be thanked endlessly for his sacrifices to America descend into a political ball of snot. His views and track record since in elected office offset his military credentials. He is harming America, and in particular, our future generations by not doing what is morally and ethically correct at the expense of his and his party’s political future. That’s integrity. Senator McCain, you don’t possess it. If you did, you would heed your own advice from 2008 and stand on principle no matter the cost to your personal political career.