Why is Ukraine collapsing now? A picture tells the story

Spellchek has been a longtime proponent of natural resources being the driver for an ever increasing number of global conflicts. Todays example comes via Zero Hedge – http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-02-20/ukraine-situation-explained-one-map.


Most detractors of the natural resources theory simply discount it as conspiratorial extremism. In failing to take a look at the big picture, they miss the mark by determining that the big global players don’t invade and confiscate the natural resources. Recent examples being Iraq and Afghanistan. America hasn’t simply lined up the oil tankers and made off with the spoils of war.

Investigate just a bit more and you discover that access and monopolies play an even more vital role when it comes to natural resources. Natural resources are all global commodities and prices are set on the global markets. Allow one of your adversaries to control the pipelines or shipping channels and they can artificially manipulate supply and price.

Destabilizing a country or region purposely may seem a bit radical simply to keep the laws of supply and demand functioning, but it’s actually a frontline policy of national defense. It’s an egregious error to believe that a nation, even a superpower, can simply invade and conquer their way to controlling the world’s precious assets. History is littered with examples of those failures.

Rather an approach similar to the Cold War is preferable. Play defense instead of offense and ensure that a strong supply chain will achieve an even better and more long-lasting effect.

Ukraine fits the bill nicely. Just as Iraq did. And Afghanistan did. And Syria will.