Enjoying your freedom today? Those that gave it to you need your help


Today is a new day. Today, an average of 22 veterans will commit suicide. 22 lives snuffed out and countless others affected. Last year, a record 349 active duty service members took their own lives.

Lt. Col. (Ret.) Dar Place was two feet away when his friend and fellow soldier took his own life during the Gulf War. Two decades later, like so many other veterans, Place is still haunted by the plague of suicide in the military.

“I personally saw my driver after Desert Storm in his tank put a gun underneath his mouth and pull the trigger, while I was no further away from him than I am from you right now,” Place told the Washington Free Beacon at the National Mall in Washington, D.C., on Thursday. He was one of the dozens of activists with Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) who planted thousands of flags to honor veterans who had killed themselves.

By noon, 1,892 American flags graced the Mall, representing the number of veterans who have taken their life this year alone since January 1st—an average of 22 per day.

Read more – http://freebeacon.com/national-security/healing-the-invisible-wound/

Do you know a vet who served or is serving now? Maybe you could make today the day to make a difference in their life. And in the process, make a difference in your own.

There are many ways you can help. Here’s just one.


Is the Pope a cokehead?

German customs seizes cocaine addressed to Vatican – http://www.businessweek.com/ap/2014-03-23/report-germans-seize-cocaine-addressed-to-vatican

The drug haul was unremarkable, but the destination raised eyebrows.

German customs officials intercepted a shipment of cocaine destined for the Vatican in January, weekly Bild am Sonntag reported Sunday.

Officers at Leipzig airport found 340 grams (12 ounces) of the drug packed into 14 condoms inside a shipment of cushions coming from South America, the paper, reported citing a German customs report. It said the package was simply addressed to the Vatican postal office, meaning any of the Catholic mini-state’s 800 residents could have picked it up.

Apparently, this isn’t the first Pope who has indulged in some coca leaves.


Mariani wine? Otherwise known as Vin Mariani – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vin_Mariani

Vin Mariani (French: Mariani’s wine) was a tonic and patent medicine created circa 1863 by Angelo Mariani, a French chemist who became intrigued with coca and its economic potential after reading Paolo Mantegazza’s paper on coca’s effects. In 1863,[1][2] Mariani started marketing a wine called Vin Tonique Mariani (à la Coca du Pérou)[1] which was made from Bordeaux wine treated with coca leaves.

All right all you Catholics. Don’t expect to see the Pope in confession this week as I’m sure there is some rational explanation for the cocaine shipment, but it sure does make you go hmmmm? And the condoms? Provided by Obamacare no doubt!

The intelligence-industrial complex

Sign the petition today! Which one you say? Why, the one to have Spellchek replace both the FBI and CIA to handle the nation’s security. Why? Because with Spellchek in charge, the Boston Marathon bombings would have never taken place. You wouldn’t see headlines such as this.

Spelling mistake allowed Boston bomber to re-enter US

Read more: Spelling mistake allowed Boston bomber to re-enter US | The Times of Israel http://www.timesofisrael.com/spelling-mistake-allowed-boston-bomber-to-re-enter-us/#ixzz2x9KQ0opv
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U.S. authorities failed to detain Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who would later become one of the two Boston Marathon bombers, when he entered the country in 2012, because of a spelling mistake in a security database, a Congressional report has found.

Isn’t it a bit ironic that it was those now evil Russkies who tipped us off to Tsarnaev? http://www.nbcnews.com/news/investigations/russia-warned-u-s-about-tsarnaev-spelling-issue-let-him-n60836

So we can just chalk up our lax security to a lack of algorithms programmed into our name recognition system which would have picked up on this anyway? Simply by adding an extra ‘Y’ into Tsarnaev’s name, our entire system was defeated? What is wrong here?

The same reason I quit my job as a TSA screener years ago. I realized that the TSA was just for show and not about real security. The object was to make ordinary Americans ‘feel good’ about security and keep flying. In other words, it was an economical reason. Dollars trump security. You can find examples of this littered throughout government policy documents citing not inhibiting the free flow of passengers and goods as the primary objective. Oh, all the while keeping the country safe.

Here’s some Congressional testimony illustrating this – http://www.dhs.gov/news/2013/09/26/written-testimony-cbp-and-ice-house-homeland-security-subcommittee-border-and. A key issue is how we collect data, biographic as opposed to biometric.

As you know, many countries use biographic data, which is essentially text data that is commonly included on a data page of a traveler’s passport, such as name, date of birth, document information, and country of citizenship. A biographic system is an entry/exit system that matches the information on an individual’s passport or other travel document when he or she arrives to and departs the country. By contrast, a biometric system matches data of a biometric or physical component from a person that is unique to an individual (i.e., fingerprints, a facial image, or iris scan) collected when a foreign national enters and leaves the United States.

Matching physical data from a person eliminates missing an extra ‘Y’ in someone’s name. All the intelligence in the world is useless if it can’t be utilized.

So we can blame a typo for the Boston Marathon bombings if we wish. We can also dump further billions into revamping our security directives, policies and procedures. Maybe create some new agencies. That’s just money down the rabbit hole. Call it the intelligence-industrial complex if you will. Much like the infamous military-industrial complex, it highlights the cozy partnership between government and industry and the vast fortunes to be made by throwing money at problems created by the government to begin with.

Or take it a step further if you will and blame it on we the people. We aren’t holding our politicians feet to the fire and demanding real security. Why? We don’t want to be inconvenienced. It’s an intolerable cost. The price? In Boston, 5 deaths and 280 injured. The dollar cost? Likely incalculable and still accumulating as the intelligence-industrial complex keeps profiting.

yoo-per: noun \ ‘yu-(,)pər\: a native or resident of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

At long last, the yooper will get some respect. For those of us from Michigan, we have fondly referred to our Upper Peninsula brethren as yoopers for eons. It just sounds better than UPer’s. BTW, they call us Lower Peninsula types “down-staters”.


“Yooper” will soon be defined by Merriam-Webster thanks to an Upper Peninsula man’s dogged efforts to prove its worthiness.

The term for Upper Peninsula residents will be included in the 2014 version of Merriam-Webster set to hit the shelves in April, said Gladstone resident Steve Parks, who began penning letters to the dictionary’s editors in 2002.

Thankfully, this issue is now settled. Now I can get back to looking for the missing airplane.

UK hospitals incinerate aborted fetuses for heat – should anyone care?

The headline itself is revolting – http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/10717566/Aborted-babies-incinerated-to-heat-UK-hospitals.html

-babies treated as clinical waste
-abortion Auschwitz
-barbaric, evil, totally unacceptable
-no moral compass

These are a few of the terms out there used to describe the UK hospitals practice of burning aborted babies for heat. So heinous are these actions that its even given the pro-abortion crowd reason to take pause.

I say so what. Does it lessen the impact of murdering an unborn human being by packaging it pretty? Does the mother ‘feel’ better if a proper ceremony is given to honor the dead? Is it true that only a civil society would never engage in such barbaric practices?

I say there is no way to dress up the practice of murdering an innocent human being. Attempting to civilize it by performing it a nice, clean sanitary clinic with lots of flowers and relaxing music playing in the background doesn’t justify the barbaric, heinous, lack of any moral compass act that was just executed.

The fact that the discarded fetus is being re-purposed for building heat is really irrelevant. The mother and doctor had already displayed their morality and civility by committing murder. Honoring and humanely treating the remains of a deceased human being is a practice for the living. Just as a funeral is for the living to show honor and respect. The dead don’t care. The murdered babies don’t care.

So any outrage over these practices expressed by the pro-abortion crowd is trivial and without virtue. You can’t civilize the fact that you condone murder. You left your moral compass at the door already so don’t concern yourself with the human race.

Sorry if the views expressed here at Spellchek don’t fit in with the modern, PC approved, acceptance of all others despite our differences society. There are just some attributes of life that aren’t negotiable. Living is one of them.

Putin to invade Alaska?

So Putin is declaring the high road in the Ukranian crisis. He is fighting for the little people, the oppressed ethnic Russian minorities. After all, wasn’t Crimea stolen by NATO anyway?


That being the case, why stop at Crimea? Why not free the oppressed ethnic Russian minorities around the globe? Like right here in the good ole USA?


we petition the obama administration to:

Alaska back to Russia.

Groups Siberian russians crossed the Isthmus (now the Bering Strait) 16-10 thousand years ago.

Russian began to settle on the Arctic coast, Aleuts inhabited the Aleutian Archipelago.

First visited Alaska August 21, 1732, members of the team boat “St. Gabriel »under the surveyor Gvozdev and assistant navigator I. Fedorov during the expedition Shestakov and DI Pavlutski 1729-1735 years

Vote for secession of Alaska from the United States and joining Russia

Are you a non-Christian? The Ferndale School District has a job for you

The teachers union contract in Ferndale Public Schools in Oakland County gives “special consideration” to applicants who are of “the non-Christian faith.”

The Michigan Capitol Confidential has this story that illustrates that more and more, the progressives are no longer concealing their agenda – http://www.michigancapitolconfidential.com/19913

Regarding promotion to a vacant position, it states on page 22:

Should there be two (2) or more of these applicants with equal qualifications for the position and one (1) or more of these applicants with equal qualifications is a current employee, the current employee with the greatest seniority shall be assigned. Special consideration shall be given to women and/or minority defined as: Native American, Asian American, Latino, African American and those of the non-Christian faith(emphasis added). However, in all appointments to vacant positions, the Board’s decision shall be final.

The war on religion, and in particular Christianity, is very real. Christianity requires self-accountability and emphasizes the individual. This has no place in our brave new world of community, equality, fairness, it takes a village, or any of a myriad of ways in which the progressives denounce the importance of each person.

If you’re a Christian, a conservative (or egads, a Tea Party type), non-union, or any persuasion you can imagine that places the importance of the individual over the collective, than you are the enemy.

No doubt we’ll see a “clarification” issued from the Ferndale School District that this means nothing more than highlighting the fact that the district promotes true equality and fairness in their hiring policies. That the intention is to promote non-denominational practices that don’t show any favoritism toward any group.

Sure. You go with that. When will the day come that you progressives will just own it and wear your beliefs on your sleeve with pride? We’re not quite there yet as the general population still needs a bit more brainwashing to get them to be receptive enough to toss away their liberty willingly.