U.S. State increases amount of felons over 2000% with the stroke of a pen

If you’re an investor looking for a hot tip, look no further than the Constitution State, Connecticut. With the passage of their new anti-gun law and the subsequent failure of a projected 350,000 residents to comply with it, their felon count just dramatically increased from the current estimate of just 17,000 incarcerated. So invest in anything prison related quick before everyone else catches on! Anyone in your family sew? Start making some of those jumpsuits and make some money!


Just one of those nasty little details that our elected officials didn’t fully vet when they passed the law against the wishes of their constituents. What to do with the massive influx of lawbreakers that, by law, must be accounted for. After all, the mere possession of a banned weapon constitutes a violation so that fact should be all the justification law enforcement requires to immediately commence a door to door search to round up the lawbreakers and get them off the streets. That is what we pay law enforcement to do, isn’t it? Enforce the laws on the books.

Of course, this fight has a long way to go in the courts and Connecticut will do no such thing as they don’t have the resources. Besides, picking and choosing which laws to enforce is something President Obama’s Department of Justice does on a daily basis, so there certainly is precedent for simply ignoring the newest felons.

Oh, you can be certain there will be some high-profile arrests just to drive home the point how serious the state is about their new law. Isn’t the power of the pen amazing?

Now those of you who live in an unaffected state should still take notice. Maybe your day is coming as well. Perhaps it won’t be gun ownership that instantly converts you into a felon. Perhaps it will be some other seemingly innocuous, everyday part of life that you dally in. Like breathing.

You laugh? What, you don’t think the climate change fanatics aren’t coming for you? How long will it be before it will be criminalized for being a climate change denier? Just like the gun owners in Connecticut with their now illegal guns locked away in their private homes not hurting anybody, you can bet the day will come when some incredibly invasive, unpopular law will come to pass that will make you a felon as well. The progressives don’t allow for passive existence. They demand activism on their behalf. You won’t be allowed to merely live and let live, you must march in their parades.