Remember just last month we posted this amazing graph comparing 1929 to 2014? Monday just may be the trigger that starts a chain reaction to see the missing plunge kick in and match this graph.


Now that President Obama has pulled out his infamous pen and drawn a 2nd red line (first one in Syria didn’t work out so well), will Russia cower in fear and reverse course in Ukraine? Or will they follow through with their promises of retaliation if the Monday deadline arrives and the EU/US sanctions kick in?

It would appear that Russian companies believe the threats are real and accordingly are pulling billions out of international markets to head off a potential asset freeze.

Now enter the Red Dragon. China is promising to have Russia’s back in the Ukraine crisis and warns of a “dangerous spiral” if the EU/US sanctions are put in place. What happens if both Russia and China stop funding the Obama spending spree? US and Euro leaders warn Russia of severe consequences to any sanctions we put in place. Those consequences will pale in comparison to the global meltdown that will occur if Russia and China decide to take down the U.S. dollar. No Fed magic is possible to stave off that collapse.

Of course, Russia and China would not be isolated from the meltdown so any takedown of the dollar would be with the knowledge a global collapse would have to occur first. In the meantime, we’re all blissfully distracted with searching our Google maps trying to find the missing airliner. March madness may have to take on an entirely different meaning if some compromise isn’t reached this weekend.