You think Putin is over-playing his hand? Not a chance. He has Obama over a barrel. The lynchpin in the entire U.S./EU/Ukraine/Crimea/Russia debacle is the United States petro dollar. The world’s reserve currency. If Obama misplays (highly likely), Russia can take us down economically. It’s not the other way around. Watch this video. It isn’t pretty.

Many will say the war hawks, the military-industrial complex and the like actually want Putin to take eastern Ukraine so that NATO will have the authority to completely finish the circle and surround Russia. There are many variables at play besides the war on energy. The fact is that economic sanctions against Russia can easily be defeated and cost the EU/U.S. far more in the long run. Clearly, Putin knows this as does Obama. Yet it’s a conspiracy to say that this is the flexibility Obama promised Putin?

It’s refreshing to see how many have come around to the realization that in the U.S., we have a one-party system of government. Hopefully, the day is not far off when people will also realize the agenda to implement a world government is reality and not just extremist conspiracy theory. There are those who simply believe centralized government is the only way to go. Or you can just continue living in denial as we plod along toward it anyway.

Ukraine is only a bit part of a much bigger picture. The short-sighted amongst us will only view it as an ex-KGB guy with a dream to restore Mother Russia to its former glory. So we can continue to believe the Putin simply out-maneuvered our community-organizer-in-Chief or get with the program and start paying attention.