Yet another installment of The Global War for Energy. Today’s example comes from none other than The Tehran Times as even Iran recognizes that the true reasons for our geo-political conflicts are not always as advertised.

To understand what is happening in Ukraine and Syria, and how Qatar and Azerbaijan are involved, we must briefly look at regional energy developments following the dissolution of the former Soviet Union. While the Persian Gulf is well known for its abundant energy resources, the Caspian Sea Basin also has seen oil exploration and production since the early 1900s however the U.S. and the West had scant involvement there before the end of the Cold War. Since the breakup of the former Soviet Union, the United States and Russia have engaged in fierce competition to control the energy resources of the newly created Caspian Sea littoral states.

Spellchek has also stated that economic sanctions against Russia will backfire and fail. A U of M professor agrees.

However, like the Nabucco Pipeline fiasco, the best U.S. efforts to achieve its goals may backfire, especially if Washington applies sanctions to Russia. “If Putin now faces the same techniques from Treasury as Tehran has suffered from, he may well start protecting Iran at the UNSC [UN Security Council] and allowing Russian banks to do more open business there,” wrote University of Michigan professor of history Juan Cole.

Furthermore, Spellchek has identified the key X factor in the Ukraine crisis is actually China. If they coordinate any significant pullback in financing President Obama’s spending spree debt with Russia, the U.S. dollar crashes and ends its reign as the world’s reserve currency. The good professor agrees as well.

Moreover, he speculated, “Russia and possibly China together could begin working on an alternative to the U.S. stranglehold over global finance.” We can only hope that it will be soon, insha’Allah (God willing).

BTW, you may ask, who is this guy, Professor Juan Cole? Well, he isn’t a state-sponsored hack you may expect from Iran –

Obama is now openly admitting that he won’t be sending in the troops to defend Ukraine. This despite the U.S. being “absolutely committed” to defending its allies. So let’s watch and see how this plays out. Will Obama allow Putin the “flexibility” to take all of Ukraine? Why? To encircle Russia with a defense shield? He’ll have widespread support to do it with Ukraine gone and he won’t have to but a boot on the ground in Ukraine either.

Now why would Iran be so cognizant of the global energy wars? Because they’re players as well! Kind of like when you see the talking heads on TV or on the radio talking about what the main stream media is doing. Makes you want to scream when they can’t admit they are the main stream media!