UK hospitals incinerate aborted fetuses for heat – should anyone care?

The headline itself is revolting –

-babies treated as clinical waste
-abortion Auschwitz
-barbaric, evil, totally unacceptable
-no moral compass

These are a few of the terms out there used to describe the UK hospitals practice of burning aborted babies for heat. So heinous are these actions that its even given the pro-abortion crowd reason to take pause.

I say so what. Does it lessen the impact of murdering an unborn human being by packaging it pretty? Does the mother ‘feel’ better if a proper ceremony is given to honor the dead? Is it true that only a civil society would never engage in such barbaric practices?

I say there is no way to dress up the practice of murdering an innocent human being. Attempting to civilize it by performing it a nice, clean sanitary clinic with lots of flowers and relaxing music playing in the background doesn’t justify the barbaric, heinous, lack of any moral compass act that was just executed.

The fact that the discarded fetus is being re-purposed for building heat is really irrelevant. The mother and doctor had already displayed their morality and civility by committing murder. Honoring and humanely treating the remains of a deceased human being is a practice for the living. Just as a funeral is for the living to show honor and respect. The dead don’t care. The murdered babies don’t care.

So any outrage over these practices expressed by the pro-abortion crowd is trivial and without virtue. You can’t civilize the fact that you condone murder. You left your moral compass at the door already so don’t concern yourself with the human race.

Sorry if the views expressed here at Spellchek don’t fit in with the modern, PC approved, acceptance of all others despite our differences society. There are just some attributes of life that aren’t negotiable. Living is one of them.