Is the Pope a cokehead?

German customs seizes cocaine addressed to Vatican –

The drug haul was unremarkable, but the destination raised eyebrows.

German customs officials intercepted a shipment of cocaine destined for the Vatican in January, weekly Bild am Sonntag reported Sunday.

Officers at Leipzig airport found 340 grams (12 ounces) of the drug packed into 14 condoms inside a shipment of cushions coming from South America, the paper, reported citing a German customs report. It said the package was simply addressed to the Vatican postal office, meaning any of the Catholic mini-state’s 800 residents could have picked it up.

Apparently, this isn’t the first Pope who has indulged in some coca leaves.


Mariani wine? Otherwise known as Vin Mariani –

Vin Mariani (French: Mariani’s wine) was a tonic and patent medicine created circa 1863 by Angelo Mariani, a French chemist who became intrigued with coca and its economic potential after reading Paolo Mantegazza’s paper on coca’s effects. In 1863,[1][2] Mariani started marketing a wine called Vin Tonique Mariani (à la Coca du Pérou)[1] which was made from Bordeaux wine treated with coca leaves.

All right all you Catholics. Don’t expect to see the Pope in confession this week as I’m sure there is some rational explanation for the cocaine shipment, but it sure does make you go hmmmm? And the condoms? Provided by Obamacare no doubt!