The former acting director of the CIA, in his first public testimony on Benghazi, confirmed that he ignored guidance from the top CIA officer on the ground in favor of reporting from analysts far removed from the scene, in shaping the flawed “talking points” which said the attack sprung from a protest. Read more –

Translation? The same as a tv news editor rejecting their on scene reporter for a teleprompter reader in a studio.

Truth? Ex-CIA Chief Mike Morell is a liar. Of course he will toe the line and stick to the cover-up. He has to. The truth involves the CIA conducting a covert weapons running op in Benghazi.

The fact that looking like an amateurish fool is preferable to the truth tells one that it had to be a far bitter pill to swallow. It won’t hurt Morell in his post-CIA career. In fact, it looks good to know you’re a team player and loyal even after the fact. I would expect Morell will profit handsomely down the line for staying on point and protecting his ex-employer.