New Jersey student suspended for pen twirling? Thankfully, the PC police determined it wasn’t a gun

Yet another police state school district has illustrated just how out of control the nations PC police have become.

State law and school policy mandates an investigation whenever anyone in the school feels threatened or uncomfortable with the actions of another student. This poor kid had to undergo a 5 hour psych eval. Laws and policies such as these are said to be in place to protect us but the opportunity for misuse outweighs any benefit.

Who’s to say that if I were a student, I couldn’t claim to feel threatened by the mere presence of another student? These types of policies are just a reflection of the victim mentality that pervades our society today. Taken further, it’s simply the progressives invoking collectivism more and more. In our victim society, we are all in this together and pay the price together as a collective.

Until Americans realize that their rights as individuals are squarely in the crosshairs of the progressives across a broad spectrum of our lives, we will continue to lose these battles and eventually the war.