Memo to Chris Lehane

Who is Chris Lehane? Don’t feel bad for not having a clue. Lehane is just another in a long line of Clinton-era political hacks. Lehane has seen fit to try to grab on to his 15 minutes with the release of Clinton records including the infamous vast right-wing conspiracy nonsense spewed forth by the ever-compliant mainstream media.

Lehane is beaming with pride as he penned the VRWC memo for Clinton. As if it were an original thought created by a Clinton. So what’s the big deal? Lehane attempts to make himself larger than life by creating a mystique where none existed. Such as who came up with the lefty catch-phrase. Lehane would like to educate the great illiterate masses.

To the first question, I would respectfully suggest folks acquaint themselves with a function available on all computers, tablets and mobile devices that support the Internet—a function known as “search,” by which you will easily discover that I was the proud author—a fact that was reported the first time this memo made a splash, back in 1997, and that has been publicly documented numerous times since, not to mention in the book I co-wrote in 2013

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Trust me Chris, you didn’t invent the search button. And you didn’t create a conspiracy where none existed. As for the delusions Lehane was experiencing, apparently they have only intensified over time.

As for the premise of the memo, I absolutely stand by it. Not only was it right about the right wing then, it is more accurate than ever today.

You’ve read all you need to in the Politico article as well as Lehane’s book he’s peddling. Exposing one’s self as a partisan political hack doesn’t do anything to promote the idea that you have superior intellect or political insight. It simply means one of your countless attempts at creating something worth saying caught the eye of the boss. I don’t suppose we’ll be seeing Lehane writing a book anytime soon on the pile of memo’s sent to Clinton that ended up in the circular file.

So here’s a little free advice for you Mr. Lehane. Spend your life doing something constructive. Having a “K” street address is not a noteworthy achievement. Only when you earn your wealth is it notable. Simply applying a twist to regurgitated talking points hardly puts you in the league of Al Gore and creating the internet.

Give us something really good, Mr. Lehane. Tell us you crafted the talking points for the video cover-up story in Benghazi. That would be constructive. At least you could claim you participated in getting Obama re-elected by misleading the American public.