Does Michael Sam like green eggs and ham?

Michael Sam is brave? Not just for flying out of the closet but for kissing his boyfriend on live tv? Allen West disagrees.

The NFL draft is over and there was much ado over former Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel and the first openly gay football player, Michael Sam. Of course, more media attention was given to Sam and “that kiss” when he learned he was drafted.

And astonishingly enough, comments about Sam’s kiss with his boyfriend drew some football players fines and a trip to adult timeout. Remember when NBA player, Jason Collins, came out as openly gay and the attention he received? Front page covers and a call from the president himself.

However, has anyone heard even a peep about Alejandro Villanueva? Well, he was picked up by the Philadelphia Eagles – a strapping fella at 6’9″ and most important, a graduate of the US Military Academy at West Point, and a former Army Ranger.


Interesting what qualifies as brave anymore. In honor of Sam’s incredible display of courage, I give you this.

I am Michael Sam.
Michael Sam I am.

That Michael Sam-I-am.
That gay Michael Sam-I-am!

I don’t much care that
Michael Sam is a gay man!

Does Michael Sam eat his green eggs with ham
or with a lifesaver colored leg of lamb?

Do you like your Rams with Michael Sam?
Is it even possible for the PC Rams to ever cut Michael Sam?

Is Michael Sam as a Ram just a sham?
Does anyone even give a damn that Michael Sam is a gay Ram?

Bottom line is just shut up and play football man!

Here’s the thing about breaking down barriers. Timing and perception are everything. Everyone knows Sam was gay anyway, so is going public really so brave? Take Shepard Smith from Fox News. Everyone knows he’s gay but he isn’t being “brave” and announcing it. Why? Because it doesn’t play well to the Fox audience. Is Smith not “brave” or is he just playing the good company soldier and waiting for the time when he is “allowed” to be brave? If he worked for ABC, he would wear his gay badge proudly and it wouldn’t even be a story.

Rosa Parks taught us all a wonderful lesson in being “brave” and breaking down barriers when she refused to sit in the back of the bus. Yet twelve years earlier she had done the same thing and it never made a headline. Timing is everything.

Do you really want to show us how brave you are Michael Sam? Volunteer for being the U.S. Ambassador to Benghazi with Obama as Commander-in-Chief and Clinton as your boss!