Made in America

At least we will know where to put the blame. If the day comes when the terrorist nations use the weapons of hell against us or other enemies, at least we will know that.

At first, we will try to evade the truth. We will say it is the fault of our friends and allies who sold those mad-men the material for the chemical weapons, the missiles and the nuclear technology.

But eventually we will have to face reality: the blame belongs to us, the Government and people of the United States. We knew, and could have stopped it, but did not.

That’s an op-ed from the late A.M. Rosenthal, former Editor of the New York Times, from May 12, 1989. Rosenthal was addressing the laundry list of companies that have been involved in the global crony-corporatist cabal that has created the cyclical war machine in operation today.

Today’s headlines are a perfect example as Iraq’s Shia are losing control to ISIS –

Has America grown tiresome of the endless charade of uprisings by rebels or organizations of terror? Apparently not. Oh, we may grouse about the spikes in oil prices. Perhaps we’ll ask why we sent our boys off to yet another foreign war only to come back in a body bag? But will we dig a little deeper as to the root cause or just stick to the partisan jabbing of the opposing political party?

I see another blogger raising this question –

Spellchek asked a similar question last year –

As you can see, not everything is made in China.

The point is the evidence has been out for years and years now yet each incident seems to bring about the same faux surprise as a ‘new’ organization peddles terror. The news cycle begins anew. Congress has something to talk about. Presidents blame prior administrations for their shortcomings. And so it goes around and around.

The problem is clear. The blame runs deep. Every corner of the beltway has its hands dirty. Exposing the underbelly of the military-industrial complex and its corporatist ties would be lethal to the establishment and must be protected at all costs.

Another example is provided by Zero Hedge –

Yet another illustrates the billions in corporate profits for U.S. defense contractors in Iraq –

America slumbers as its liberty is stolen away.