In light of my previous post about our endless wars over natural resources, I give you the opposing opinion. In what could be a propaganda piece directly out of the White House, wars are apparently so yesterday.

The 3 reasons?

1. The democratic peace
2. Nuclear deterrence
3. Sovereignty

Really? The current occupant of the White House is moving fast-forward to derail all 3 reasons.

There are endless examples of our Dictator-in-Chief expressing his desire to “act where Congress won’t” and other catch phrases he uses. Flagrant violations of the rule of law, trampling of our citizen’s rights, etc., etc., etc. A democracy is hardly at the top of his agenda.

Nuclear deterrence? The President has made no secret of his desire to disarm America. Our history of exceptionalism and being the only superpower left is what’s wrong with America if you listen to his rhetoric. A nuclear free world is a centerpiece of the progressive agenda.

Sovereignty is laughable as our country’s southern border has evaporated. Breaking down borders and expanding the collective is also at the top of the progressive agenda.

Wars and the manner in which they are fought have always been dynamic and they will continue to change over time. However, the core reasons behind them are in our DNA. No amount of propaganda pieces such as this video will change that.