Climate change you can believe in

Yes, it’s true. Not the hoax of global warming, a real climate changing event may be upon us.

Icelandic volcano could trigger Britain’s coldest winter EVER this year!

Weathermen say the effect in the UK could be nothing short of catastrophic if an explosion is strong enough

Jonathan Powell, of Vantage Weather Services, said: “There is a definite potential knock-on effect and with an eruption looking imminent, this is fairly worrying.

“Particles can also be picked up by the jet stream ands spread globally, a large amount can have a significant effect on the weather, the first could be an exceptionally cold winter this year.

“But the effects can last for many years, even decades.”

The strange thing is that global warming believers tend to blame virtually every event these days on it. Storms, droughts, rising sea levels, you name it and the fossil fuel industry is responsible for it. Yet I haven’t heard them lay claim to volcanic eruptions. You know, those pesky little things that truly do have a massive effect on the climate both short and long-term.

Just another inconvenient truth? The fact that a volcanic eruption vastly outweighs human impact on the climate? The only sure thing is that this eruption, should it be as devastating as some predict, won’t change any minds. Both sides will use it to reinforce their position.

In the meantime, invest in snow shovels.