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Labor takes Labor Day off in the birthplace of unions

No Labor Day activities were held in Flint – http://www.abc12.com/story/26421133/no-labor-day-activities-were-held-in-flint

FLINT (WJRT) – 9/1/14 Flint has long been known as a leader in the labor movement. But on Labor Day there were no rallies, parades or picnics to celebrate the holiday in the Flint area. Union members say there are three factors contributing to absence of Labor Day activities. Lack of membership, lack of money and a lack of commitment.

Last year at Flint Sitdowners Memorial Park, about 300 people, including union members and politicians were on hand. But this year the park was vacant. No celebration, no applauding the sacrifices made by Sitdowners. Union members say it was a cost cutting move.

“It’s just all the downsizing and the union has got to figure ways to cut costs so they can keep all the programs going,” said Doug Trouten, Local 651 retiree.

Thirty years ago there were approximately 80,000 UAW members in the Flint area. Today there are about 8,000. In 2010 Crossroads Village was filled with UAW members. There was a parade and a picnic. That was the last year for the gathering at Crossroads.

“On Labor Day the UAW would sponsor a picnic out here and it just got to the point, it was the cost and the members coming out,” said Trouten.

At Crossroads this year, there were no banners announcing Labor Day, no red, white and blue bunting. You couldn’t tell it was a holiday.

“I don’t see any of my UAW friends here,” said Barbara Erler of Swartz Creek.    

“People have different interests I guess,” said Bea Samson of Flint Township.

“Oh, its absolutely an important holiday. It’s what makes our engine tick around here. And it’s very important for people to take time to recognize that,” said Jeff Sabolish of Flushing Township.

 UAW Local 599 held a picnic Saturday in Flint to celebrate its 75th anniversary. But other than that there were no labor celebrations in the Flint area.

Meanwhile, in la-la land

President Obama used Labor Day to tout the country’s economic gains under his leadership and make an election-year case that higher wages and other progress for workers can only be achieved through a Democrat-controlled Congress.

“American workers and the American economy are better off since I took office,” Obama told a crowd filled with union supporters at the annual Laborfest event in Milwaukee – http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/09/01/obama-on-labor-day-touts-economic-gains-under-his-leadership-is-mum-on-pressing/?intcmp=latestnews

Seems kinda tough to ever make any progress when you have a POTUS that is delusional. But you can say the same for Big Labor. Like any addict, until you can admit you have a problem, no solution is possible.


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